more joy~

today's been another long and tiring day for me, only that i wasnt outside the house for the whole day, but inside the house =_= i'd been cleaning and rearranging my room since 11.00 am in the mornin, with my sis. until 5 sth in the afternoon! arrgh~~ so many dirt, dust, spider webs, rubbish, craps..told ya before tat my room is a pig sty, n we needed 4 BIG plastic bags to get rid of them. plus 5 or more boxes to pack the books XD

my sis kept tellin me to learn how to tidy up my own room...how to arrange this and that....X.X it's not like i didnt want to tidy them, but almost 1/3 of our family possesions were stuff inside this one small room since we moved into this house many yrs ago =_= i'd thrown away loads of my 'old-days-collections', for eg. pencil case, pencils, fancy papers, Pokemon, useless cute stuff etc etc. now all of those junk are gone, my room is clean and tidy~! :D n more space for me to skip or hop around too when i'm bored! muahaha~ mustthnx my sis for helping me to clean up the room :p

besides, I FINALLY GOT A SCANNER! weeeeeeeeeeee~~~ so happy! my sis bought me the cheapest one, but i'm as happy as a crazy bunny oledy :p together me n my sis found our old photos to scan! muahaha~ so here goes. MY YOUNGER SELF! *u guys are really lucky to see my baby photos XD*

wait...blogger doesnt allow users to upload photos now...*toot* la...X.X i wana show u guys how cute i looked when i was a baby... well.. boh bien, need to wait for next time lah! besides, now my sis wana take over the PC for work, gona be a good sis n let her finish her work. see you! :D


lianshen said...

alibaba lar...=P
going to Lim Kok Wing ? after this >

eiChi said...

wad alibaba? @.@?? limkokwing ar....see first la. still need to do a lot of research :p

Pink Cotton said...

HEE...i wanna see ur baby photos :)