Special day :D

today is Hannah's birthday :D and i just got back from her birthday party at her house :) well the party was not as 'syok' as Jason's one la, but it was fun :p and guess who i'd met at the party? the crazy girl who i had not seen for almost a year ----Ivanna Ting~~!! nyaaaaa~~ the first thing she did when she saw me was giving me a hug, then started poking me!!! eeeesh~ never change one this girl XD

as i'd taken quite alot of pics, so..*ehem* let's start the photopost :p

it was still early when i got there and Hannah was busy welcoming the guests, i just took the opportunity to take photos! :D

Ivanna~~~ she's become so much prettier since we last met. so sweet but violent at times O.o''' the next one is me n Faye-chan! one of my best pals :D
thn...we kinda explore Hannah's house. her house is damn pretty and modern ok? it was actually a very very old house with old-fashion design when her dad bought it. but they'd asked the Aki Media (an Architecture firm) to redesign and renovate the house. so the old house was REBORN~~!!!! wheeeee~~~ n there in the dinning room, is a Christmas tree!!! :D big one! not like the one i have in my room, which is just 30 cm tall!
*i'm not going to post the photos of the interior of her house here..as..erm..well, it's her house ^.^'''*
anyway, next. finally, buffet time~! :D me n faye n florence took alot to eat, whereas the 'fatness-phobia' Ivanna only get sum tiny lil pieces of meat and sum vege..+_+ in the end Florence had to force every kinda of food onto her plat and she finished them all still ^.^''' oh ya, this Ivanna also ate ALL the watermelon i took for the table when i was chatting with the other girls O.o''' my watermelon~~!!!! i had to ask her to get a whole lot of watermelon for me again, hmmph! :p
we had our buffet outside hannah's house. n this is how her house looks like during the night.
nice nice :) kirei desu ne~
after that we went into the house to enjoy the cool breeze..from the air-con lah :p n finally,
she is very very tall! a perfect height for modelling :D i'll look so tiny if i stand beside her :p
me and Ivanna again....she likes to POKE me! >.<~* thn lianshen@ahsan@alibaba came to say goodbye to Hannah. he's going home early, so i quickly told him to 'matte~ kudasai~*' (it's japanese, meaning to wait :p) n
hehe. ahsan is a cute guy, n i call him 'GRSS original Wu Zhong Xian'. he looks stupid sumtimes (lol, jk :p) but the words tat come out from his mouth are often unexpected ones, which without fail, will make everyone laugh :)
n next, here we have a photo of the girls with the birthday girl :)
thn, it's cutting the birthday cake!!! :D hannah's mum didnt bought her a real cake as they'd already celebrated her birthday 'unofficially' with cakes at China last week. so..i duno hu'd made the flat cake....but still, at least, there's a cake to cut XD
thn we decided to go chillin at hannah's garden. n there's alot of good 'feng shui' at her house :p for eg. POND! with BRIDGE! :D n FISHIES in it! XD nyaaaaaa~~ so me n the girls took sum crazy pics there while the guys helped themselves with the basketball.

"i blieve i can fly~~"
oh ya, Ivanna is crazy..i told ya =_= she's the one who came out with this titanic idea on the small bridge.
here is a pic of the guys playing basketball...n the ball sed :"Wheeeeeeeee~ i'm flying too!"
about 9.00pm lidat, everyone started to go home so hannah's dad told us to 'matte-kudasai~' again in order to take group photos for memories :)
hannah's in the middle..while me n faye r at the side :)

ok, so everyone's leaving after tat n i just took more photos with friends but now i'm lazy to put them up. bsides, u guys must be getting tired of looking at my horrible face all the time...=_= i'm goin to do other thigs :p

oh ya, Hannah~~ hope you'll like the present from me n Faye :p UPDATE: Hannah just msged to me saying tat she likes our present best bcoz it's all PINK! :D haha. we'd bought a pink stuff for her, wrapped it using pink wrapper, and made a pink card with pink shiny flowers on top. *bleks* hehe~ glad tat u really like it! ^.^

today is also a special dayto me, as i did sth i'd longed to do months ago. n i don care what will be the outcome, as long as i'd done it :)


lianshen said...

lol..i should be in the group photo ! well.thanks for putting my face in there ..and thanks for your compliment haha

faye said...

weee~~had so much fun...yeah i got the msg too...hahah :D

eiChi said...

@ahsan: u're welcome :) see see, me so good, advertise u in my blog :p

@faye: haha. glad that we got everything pink for her. lol XD

hibiscus said...

wah so fast already post...me nite thn post or maybe tml...cam wif my dad hahaha. YES I LOVE THE PRESSIE!!! ITS SOOOOO PIIIIINK!!! i love that color so much i wish everythg comes in that color =P i fotoshop ur face in the grp photo later lah lian shen hehehehe. thn u can keep as ji nian. haha. k thanks again for comming. i forgot to take the cake. did anyone take the cake??? gimme...

eiChi said...

lol. the flat cake? nop, i didnt take it :p i didnt even get the taste of it . haha. maybe ur dad got take? XD