spin spin spin~~

i'm sooo grateful that i was placed in the 'I' class together with this bunch of people, because really, with them around your world won't get dull, instead i think it will bounce about and puffing out colours with shining sparkles! :D

and last night's party at Jason's house was a BLAST OFF!!! wheeeeee~~~it was just so much excitement and fun until i got so high and started wooting and shouting like i was in a real concert!!! besides, jason also invited our teachers~! :D Pn Hii (our class form teacher), Pn Poh (our beloved history teacher) Mr Gabriel with his family (our funny bio teacher) and also our primary school teacher, Madam Sim!!!! n she still remembers me! even though she just tought me for less thn a year during primary 3!! :D

ok, i'm kinda lazy to type so i just let the photos do the talking. n heck i just knew last night tat my camera turns into a cheaplak camera on night time! i gotta use flash or else the pic i take will be very very very blurr!!! shoot.

yaya..just like the good old school days...

and then we had our dinner :)
me and the teachers :D

n finally the show begins~!
marvin the vocalist here sang Beyond's "hai kuo tian kong" :D

thn Anthony came and sang 'lil turtle'..specially dedicated to sumone...muahahaha~
aaaaaaaaandthn..with more beyond songs ;) thn is helibely's turn to sing!!! :DD
affter that..they sort of ran out of songs (actually i was supposed to perform also, sing F.I.R songs. but becoz of sum technical problems..mine had to be canceled :p) anyway, when jason n the group were resting, we were left there to chit chat n took more pics!
n the show continued with jason n his uncle's band, playing quite a lot of sentimental music :) just like in a western cafe.
btw, jason sings too..although not tat good ^.^''' but the crowd still get into the party mood :p

Jason's aunty also joined in the fun too!! wheeeee~~
next! another Beyond song! this time sang by a group of best frens!!! :D
so touching le this scene? well, for me la XD hope their frenship will last forever ;p
ok, last but not least~~~ the best drummer i'd ever seen in my school!!!!! woOt!! so coooolll~~~

ok ok, i think tat's all for tonight! waiting for these pics to upload has taken up all my evening X.X now it's almost 10 already. damn.....aaaarrgh~~~ at first i also wana blog about the movie i watched earlier, eragon, but now i;m lazy~~~ maybe tomolo la...:p

anyway, just wana take this opportunity to tell all my friends that, I LOVE YOU ALL~~!!! XD without you all, my last few years in highschool would be dull~! *muacks* love ya! n have a great holidays! :p


Wee-AK89 said...

wah... i would love this party.... too bad the one my class had wasnt this 'high'...

eiChi said...

hehe..but at least u also had fun with ur classmates ma :) the most important thing is not the party, but the bond between u n ur frens :)

Wee-AK89 said...

yeah you are right! i take back wat i said... *thumbs up*