Getting Plastered

and so Project Runway Season 3 had just finished n oh gawd~ i just love the show~~ :DDDD when is season 4 showing???

ya, i followed every episodes ever since season 3 had started on the day when i was still having SPM! (well..except for the day where i need to prepare and face the crucial subjects)

and Jeffrey Sebelia is the WINNER~~!!! *throws confetti* :D i;m really happy for him coz he really is a creative and innovative designer. his collection for the Olympus Fashion Week was f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s~! n very fresh! besides just doing dinner dress (like Laura, one the season finalists, the oldest too, n has 6 children! including the one in her womb! very productive!) Jeffrey also did other ranges of clothes like swimsuit, casual wear, sports wear, punkish wear etc etc. ooo~ i so love his designs XD

i also love Uli too. both her designs and personality. i love her BEST among all the other contestants because she'd never get herself into a row or a fight, never failed to impress the judges, get along with everyone...she's just so humble and sweet but with a creative mind :) and she's the first runner up for season 3! *throws confetti again*

Tim Gunn and the four finalists. (from left to right) Laura, Uli, Jeffrey and Michael Knight.

i really really enjoy watching this show (even though my sis says it's boring. she used to say this to Ranma 1/2 too!) as it is not only about design, but creativity, social skills, time management, determination, inspiration blablablablabla....just when is season 4 gona start???? T_T

must really thanks my fren Deborah for introducing this show to me. i only watched American Next Top Model last time n man~ Project Runway is way better thn that! :D i mean, in ANTM, the girls just need to get the right pose n the right smile and the right feel and that's it, plus sumtimes a lil childish cat fight to get urself more high up, thn u're a model. whereas in PR, it's more thn that! O.O''' i think if i were to be there, i'd be the first to leave the runway! XD


Mr. Goober said...

yeap tahts what i watch too, since season 2. The best challenging show ever.

T.p.Wen said...

yes i watch all 3 seasons... but i donno why.. i find season 3 the most disappointing.. and season 1 is the best!

eiChi said...

@mrGoober: u watch too?? great hor? :p

@tpwen: the most disappointing? hmm...i didnt watch season 1 so i don know..hehehe. but for me, this show is just great!~ :p