the weather is hot.

i want ice-cream.

i want ANIMAX (Astro is having problems for some reasons..)

the trophies are cleaned~ oh yay~~ i'd destroyed many home sweet home for spiders n replaced them with shiny sparkly environment that will blind the spiders' eyes~ *evil glare* Muahahahaha~

feel like drawing something. but lazy.

n oh gosh~~~ i'm writing randomly now~~ O.O'''

btw, Helibely got her hair coloured. it's BLEACH-ed!! go to her blog n check it out!! BLEACH~~~ n she looks amazing! O.O''' i almost fell for her!

oh ya, i'm still watching Ouran. i repeated the series of coz =_='''

*sigh* i'm hungry.

n these are the voice actors for the Ouran High School Host Club members. try to guess who voice acts who..nyahahahahaha~


maybe i should go off n draw sth to celebrate the coming CNY n Valentines Day.

*note* i'm still single n don like BGR. but still Happy V day XD


wenLi said...

eichi *waves*

So sorry, haven't really welcomed you back to Kuching yet. Big WARM welcome!!!

Thanks for the compliment, fell for me?? You're too kind. LOL

wow! Your campus is indeed interesting, love the arty spirit. All the best to yaa!! You're gonna love and enjoy every bit of it, I assure u!

eiChi said...

wenli~~ *hugs* :D

u really really really look so pretty with ur long hair~~~~~~ *i think i'd repeated this 4 times oledy* anyway, u are so PRETTY~~~ XD

yah, LUCT is not a bad place :) it's fun. get to mix around with dif people from dif countries. really cool! :D