looking good >:)

yay~ alot of business opportunities is coming my way~~~ :D all of them requires designing~~ ok. so class starts tomorrow n i need to arrange my time properly as i need to do the best in both jobs (school n work la)

but i still havnt got the mood to tell u guys about my work. instead, as promised *refer to my previous post*, i wana share these with u people :D

i sketched this pic out around 3.30pm sth...
done it after 30 mins like tat...thn scanned it. started colour it in photoshop7 at about 4pm sth. finished CG everything at about 8 pm sth.... n here's the result :D

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~~~ nice? :D i actually got the boy's idea from Honey-senpai of Ouran High School Host Club :p Honey loves sweet, this cute boy too! Honey has a bunny-chan, this boy has his P-chan :D

Hurray for the Year of PIG!!! oink oink

omg. i actually got the patience to finish this one! O.o'' usually i just stop halfway during the process of CG-ing bcoz it's kinda troublesome :D miracles happen today~~~

n tat's all for today. thank u :p *sumtimes i wish to write sth meaningful n thoughtful like in Helibely's blog or other blogs, but i just cant :p bcoz i duno how to start it n my english is Sdn. Bhd*


wenLi said...

There's no need to write like anyone, as everyone has their unique style of blogging, writing, the likes - keep up with your own distictive style, that's what made eichi, EICHI!!

Oh yea, I've watched several episodes from Ouran High, it's addictive!! *laughs* Everyone of the characters are so cool & SWEET!!!! *melts*


p/s: Good luck in your studies and WORK! :)

eiChi said...

u watch Ouran?? yay!!!!!!!!!! welcome to the club! XD Tim (faye's bro( is right. Ouran is taking the world like a plague or sth! :D u want the entire soundtrack? they are all orchestra one :D

all the best to u too!!! :D :D :D

stiucsib86 said...

Wow, you are really good in all these stuff eh? Haha.
Very nice!

Frank said...

hey very nice drawing..u r so talented. and im impressed tat u use ps to color ur drawing...so patient haha... nice blog =)

jimmychin said...

eichi, ur drawing nice la... colouring skill best too... :)

EiLing said...

Hey that's my sister u know? :p la la la la laaaa

eiChi said...

@stiucsib86: thank u! :D

@frank: hai~ u're from Kch oso? n thnx for dropping by here :D

@jimmy: :p thank you! btw, the bloggers meet y at night one? T_T

@sis: :p :p :p :p :p :p lalalalala

everyone~ Happy Valentines to u'all first! :D

hibiscus said...

Yes, i'm infecting everyone with ouran-itis. i force everyone i know to watch it. I SO LOVE THE TWINS OK! so why cant they be ppl lidat in real life??? anyway, i adore the pic. eichi, i love ur skills. ure just lyk my sis, always draw and color beautifully in PS. so jeles i cant draw anyting. sienz. eh have u heard the songs sung by the ouran club members? like Mata Ashita or Bokura no Love Style? not bad. they can sing lah. nice.

hibiscus said...

oh yea, i tink ur blog is fine...its interesting...no need to write meaningful stuff one...can lah but not all the time. if not boring....like mine nw...i have no pics left....lazy to take summore...haih...wait cny...thn back to my airheaded posts again...lolz

eiChi said...

@hibiscus: ALL OF US LOVE OURAN!!! YAY~~~~ n ooh!! i LOVE Mata Ashita n Bokura Love Style too!!!! when i first listened to Mata Ashita i was really touched bcoz of their strong friendship!! :D thn i keep repeating n repeating it in my pc n hp! nyaaaa~~~ n both Tama-chan's n Hikaru's voice are soooooo SEXY n NICE~~~ XD XD XD XD omg...this is the 2nd time that i feel so crazy about an anime. first time was BLEACH! * n i still love it XD*

n ya, after CNY, show us more pics of urs!!! XD