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yesterday...LUCT first Creative Studies lesson - Mind Mapping.

Mind Mapping was created by a man called Tony Buzan. it is a diagram used to *refer to wikipedia*... i was actually wana write down the meaning that Mr William (our lecturer) told us but later found out that he actually took it from Wiki. =_=

anyway, Mr William is a nice guy. he tell cold jokes (which will eventually make all of us laugh); he told us the rules n benefits of mind mapping (and dont think that i'll list them one by one here, go search 4 urself) ; he showed us how to do a proper mind map; thn he gav us assignments to do that must be hand in after CNY!!! yay~~~ CNY still needs to do homework..... *sigh*

the topics he gav us to mind map are 'Transportation' and 'My Family'. all of us did the first one first, 'Transportation'. before i move on, i'll tell u his marking criteria on our work.

1. ideas yang in depth
2. creativity
3. neat or not
4. easy to be comprehend

ok. so he'll look at this 4 points to decide whether to giv us an A or a B or C or fail. most of my classmates were stuck at the ideas part so they turned to 'attack' creativity instead. they drew alot. ships, cars, planes...colored them. n as they didnt hav many words on their piece of paper, their work look neat n easy to read. Mr. William encouranged them to think n write/link more words though.

as for mine, my whole peice of A3 size paper was fulled n packed with words. words that connected to transportation, words that connected to certain words, words interlinked, lines many lines. so it turned out that the lecturer was impressed with my lots of crazy ideas (he even showed it to sum of my classmates) n at the same time, he told me to work more on creativity n neatness aannnd the 4th criteria.........bcoz my mind map was just words n lines n they were just in black colour. he wants images.........but i couldnt cramp any more things inside my mind map T_T in the end, i had to rearrange the position of some ideas n edit them. plus, images n colours....... so after a night of hard work, i'd completed it! Yay~ :D n thn i have another wicked idea for 'My Family' mind map..all thanks to Tamaki-senpai. hiakhiakhiakhiakhiak *evil grin* shall do it tomorrow :p

n thn today.....LUCT first Life Drawing lesson - he (Mr William again. he's teaching us CS n LD) wanted us to draw this.

*photo taken using my nokia 5300 :p, n this is the angle that i chose to draw it*

yare yare.... when the seniors came down n saw us drawing these stuff, they went 'OMG!!! hu is teaching u guys? William ar? oh no wonder...he likes to torture students one....' yaya, they were shocked to see this bcoz they drew sth like this only on Week 3 or Week 4. last year during their first week of Life Drawing, they just drew a palm tree. HECK!!!not fair~~ T_T we are just in our first week n we had to draw this *pic above* using correct measurements plus without a ruler or an ERASER!!!! O.O'''

of coz the good old william (actually he's not old, looks like just around 30 sth) taught us how to draw using proper measurements with our eyes n pencils. it's not easy u know? u have to really imagine lines on the objects u see thn measure its length or width or wadever with ur pencil. plus we couldnt use ruler and erasers, some people began to giv up measuring n just drew with..agak-agak one :p but were later asked by William "where r d measurement lines?" or "how do u get this point?" so today the main thing that he wanted all of us to learn is proper measurements in the correct way =_='''

we started at 10 am, n the submission is b4 5 pm. i was the first to finish, at around 2.30 pm sth. n Mr William praised me~! yay~ he pointed to my work n sed :" good work. really good for biginners. " n he showed mine to some ppl again =_=''' anyway, after that he added "n after this can u help ur friends?" O.o''' most of the time when we finish sth he just ask us to go home, n today he wanted me to stay to help the others........yare yare ^.^'''

so i helped one of my friends. not help to draw la but just guide her, as by that time most of the classmates had already almost done with their work but this girl..pity her..just got some messy lines on...so i helped her to get the correct point n the correct measurements :)

meanwhile, the lecturer was having trouble explaining to a chinese guy who still didnt understand anything about measurements n his work was..em...quite bad actually...certain objects were like..so off from their actual position. so u know wad good old william did? he called me over to help explain to the guy O.O'''' alright...since the lecturer trusts me, i did my best to help him understand n draw well. n at last~~~ his light bulb finally got light :D

so tomorrow is Design Studies 1. wonder what they prepare for us tomolo

n tomorrow is Valentines Day!!!! wait a minute. it's 12.00 am now. it's V day. n HOLY SHIT!!! PPL SHOOTING UP FIREWORKS NEAR MY neighbourhood!!!!! O.O''' it's just a lovey dovey day ok? no need fireworks one la. swt ..... =_='''

to all my friends who are in love~~~ *gals* GIVE UR MAN CHOCOLATES! *guys* RETURN THEM CHOCOLATES ON WHITE DAY!!!!

to all my friends who are still single ~~~ just go live like ur normal day n maybe can buy urself some present if u really want :)

Happy Valentines Day! :D


allen said...

ahhh.. reminds me of the old time.

eiChi said...

ooo~ u're from LUCT too?? :D

allen said...

=P nothing to be proud of.. haha.. was there a couple of month before i cabut! =P LOL