New Year mood!

Hurray~~~ classes have been canceled for tomorrow~~ yay~~~~!!!

we (FDS n GD) students heard that the ID students neednt to attend the Communication n Moral classes tomorrow, so i quickly sent a message to the lecturer asking whether if it's true o not (all of us are having the same class with the same lecturer every friday). n this lecturer ah....*sigh*..below are the msgs....

me : Hi~ we are from GD. do we hav classes tomolo? as we heard the ID students sed that the classes hav been canceled.

lecturer: tomolo sure many ppl don come one or oledy balik kampung. so wad's the point of having class?

me: so no classlah? *just to confirm*

lecturer: wad do u guys prefer? got class with few ppl or no class at all?

*so i made n announcement to the whole class, n they whole sed 'NO CLASS' straight away*

me: ok! no class!!!

lecturer: ok. i oso dont wana see u guys tomolo. Happy New Year!

me : ... .. ... =_=''''

jiak lak hor? his reply XD my friend told me i sould reply him "ya, we also don wana see u tomolo" hehehehehehe

oklah, lazy to blog now. later gona go out with family for new year shopping :) see u guys! :)

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