I'm back~~~~!!!!

arrived back to miao miao at 10.30 am, together with 2 big luggage and 3 hand carry suitcases and 1 big box of goods and also a juice mixer. they were all damn heavy..... n my mum new year goods (n here i mean just clothes n bags) filled up one whole luggage. now u can see that my mum is a 'good' shopper.

so. first day of school... at first i was lost. which was the room?? thn i saw someone familiar but couldnt remember it waved at me, so i asked him to help me. so this good trendy guy showed me the way, n thn he asked me :" u dont remember me liaw ah?" ....ok. he really looked familiar n "neh, me ah, the one same class in ITS with u 2 yrs ago one." thn i remembered. he's Desmond, an ex-KuchingHighian who is a year older thn me. good :) at least there's sumone i know. yay~ (the lecturers were introducing themselves when i arrived)

besides Desmond, i also met up with some people whom went to the same tuition as me. mostly Kuching High's....sad..only met up with 2 ex-greenians, Eileen (not Eileen Ma) and a girl whom i only know her face but not her name. :p n thn Eileen intro me to 2 new girls, Winny n WeiLing...thn during lunch time i made frens with 3 more ppl from Sabah, Miri n Sibu (Sarah, Esther n Chung Hueng) the rest....well..i got talked to them. maybe will get to know them better in the future :)

this week is still the orientation week. so as to say, no serious lessons yet. i asked my frens n yesterday they did some crazy ice-breaking activities..like dancing on the table..throwing each other balloons filled with water. luckily i missed the fist day.....=_='' n today. first, there's the intro of lecturers. thn was the class representative selecting session (guy is Brandon n girl is Sarah). next was erm...oh, introducing clubs in LUCT (there's Gourmet Club, Art Club, Performing Club, Photography Club, Comic Club, Fashion Club, Basketball Club, and Futsal Club..n yea, that's all..) n thn...they suddenly wana take individual photos of us. purpose is to sent our pictures to Lim Kok Wing himself n let him choose the next ambassador for LUCT. sweat right? some girls went crazy over their looks, u know. qiuckly look in the mirror..look left look right...hair nice o not....blablabla n this Sarah from Sabah, wahlao eh! started posing model poses in front of the camera man!! O.o'' but i must admit tat she got the model look la....as for guys. some guys just stand there, some...trying very hard to strike a good pose....n this session took about 1 hour to finish. n followed up is erm..lecturers intro the art materials to us....n thn it's 4 oclock n see u tomolo.

try to guess what the LUCT ppl told us to do tomolo.

all of us must wear the black LUCT shirt they gave us. O.O'''' alamak. n thn they are taking us kids to visit a gallery in the afternoon. at first i thought, ok, they want us to wear the black shirt bcoz we all go as a group, just like a school trip. but one lecturer told us the main event of the visit : there will be reporters there as well too, to interview us n so on. now u get it. it's just a way of showing off how LUCT students love their school and yea~ we love visit art gallery~~ yay~~~ =_='''

aaaaaaaannnnd, there's a western-like party this Friday night (this is what they sed, western like party). where no formal food exist but only light snacks such as chips. n the attire? try to guess. they want us to wear BEACH WEAR!!!??!! O.o''' oh well, i just wear my big T n short pants plus my super cheap slippers there enuf XD n i bet that some rich gals are gona go there with just bikini on, n i also bet the guys will love to have this kind of eye candy around. peh~ oh ya, there'll also be best looking king n queen that night. maybe i should go with a rubber duck or a swimming ring (neh, you yong quan, forgot the english name) or anything like it? or even a bucket n a spade~~~

this is my first day of uni. people here are quite fun. the great thing is i dint feel paiseh or anything lidat when i talk english infront of ppl :D wee~~ hope i can be more confident in the future! :)

by the way, do u wana know how my room looks like after 1 month of 'un-inhabitant'? well, the room still looks the same, everything is still in the right place. but u know, i can sense spider webs when i moved around in my room just now. great. now the spiders are taking over??? seriously, spider webs!!! n thn my 'chao' pillow also bcome not 'chao' anymore but the smell of those ..old..old..stuff. hav to wash it b4 i hug it to sleep again T_T

anyway. oh yeah, i'm back. *hugs my 1st precious tightly n wont let go*

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