it's time :)

HIAAAAA~~~~~~ I GOT A NEW PHONE~~~~ :D :D :D :D :D

introduce you to my 3rd precious! ----

Nokia 5300! (picture taken from website. i wasnt bother to take pic of my precious when i first got it :p)
*my 1st precious is my beloved PC, 2nd precious is my Canon digicam*

lalallalalalallala~ oh yeah~ finally i can use an MP3 phone and listen to my fav songs anytime i want!!! yatta~~ even though the memory card is just mere 256 MB, i'm satisfied as long as i can play my fav songs. the built in camera is normal one. just 1.3 megapix. but who cares? XD the main purposes of me getting this new baby is for calling, sms-ing, and MP3-ing. as for taking photos, i have my 2nd precious, muahahahahahaha XD

n i got this precious from one month of hard work *evil grin* well, not actually hard =_= just helping my sis with all the graphic works such as logos. at first my sis n her bf (the bosses of YoungBlood Creation) wanted to give me cash instead of material. but since i wana buy a phone after i get the money, they decided to straight award me the phone. my sis scared that i might not like this phone as i was known for a Sony Ericsson suppoter, but i told u, as long as i can get a new phone that plays music n doesnt make crappy calls, i'm happy as Willy Wonka.


n i'm going back to Kuching tomolo morning, n will be starting my first class at LUCT campus....

dont think about the class first. i miss Kuching. i miss the friends in Kuching. i miss the smell of kolo mee. i miss the sight of the big cat. i miss my 1st precious. i miss my room. i miss Meeko. i miss my 'chao' pillow. i miss the feeling of being in the heart of my hometown~~~~

in short. Kuching is the best place to live, but KL is the best place for work opportunities, while Singapore is only best for shopping :p




"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows". the 7th n the final series of the Harry Potter books, will be released on 21st July this year.



faye said...

hey!!!thats exactly like the phone aaron lau has!!!:DDD its cool. :P anyways allthe best for college life man, u rock my socks XD

allen said...

my colleague has got that phone too.. same same one! =P it was her valentine's gift from her husband.. haha

Anonymous said...

So nice!!!U know wad my mum said?? I would prefer u to carry a digi cam,a hp and a MP3.its like so bulky rather than a fon with everything inside.Anyway,Kch rocks!!!KL is just too "hiong" for us la.Anyway, its good that u know and tetap which uni u going liao.I'm like still hanging here and have to apply for uni i want in a few months time!!!!!I also miss kolo mee and laksa!!!!!
-Mang Yik-dont blame me...lazy to sign in!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Another thing....the Subang Parade we went together...there was an armed robbery on the same day we went except that it was at night. 2 securities guards died because they were shot on the head!!!!One of the robbers died also.This wasn't reported in the newspapers!!!This news was from my classmate who was celebrating his birthday there.Luckily i dint go!!!I got invited ma.
-Mang Yik-

eiChi said...

lol! mangyik ar~ i first thought who this anonymous was XD thn i saw ur name atthe bottom. n really? i mean the robbery n shooting n deaths n so on?? at Subang Parade?? O.O''' luckily we all went in the afternoon..really scary la...n why they din report this in the newspaper?? 2 policeman dead le....=_+'''