am still here

sorry for the lack of update! after my mum had came over to KL a week ago, i seldom come to the office but accompany my mum for shopping shopping and more shopping! but now, both of us hav stopped the crazy activity, becoz...u all know how easy money escape from out pockets..... it's really scary.

now i remember sth, eating here at KL is another scary thing!!!! just a simple lunch can cost u about RM 5 or more! n there's not many Thomsom Corner-like kopitiam here, but are those Starbucks like restaurants!!!! siao ar! usu 3 meals at Kuching will just cost around RM 10 or more, but here. dead. it's RM 30 or more..depends on which restaurant u eat. scary.

n holy shit! i'm sick :p having a sorethroat now, but dont worry, it's not tat bad. i still can sing, abit ^.^''' i drank less water the last few days, which resulted the rising of my body heat. now my lips are abit chapped n i can feel a lil heat coming out from my body. fortunately it's not fever, or else my mum would 'ground' me at my sis's place, wont ever let me out. n trust me, she would.

it's February already, n i'm starting my first university next week!!!! the class starts on 5th Feb, but i'm gona miss it as the flight ticket back to Kch my sis booked for me is 6th Feb......... so the first thing i'm gona do at Limkokwing there is to be '24 hours late for class'..... =_= ''' which means i need to rush to the uni straight after i got down from the plane that day. the thought of it kinda freak me out at first. why? becoz : 1st, i'm gona be terribly late for my first day of class (2nd day for the rest of them) 2nd, i'll be like, suddenly bursting into the class in the middle of the lesson. 3rd, i'm gona introduced myself to the whole class while everyone will be staring up at me, wondering why am i late or so on (who knows wad play in their minds). it'll be alot better when i intro myself with the rest of the classmates on the first day, as u wont get pressured. what if i make some silly mistakes? in short. i'm image-counscious. yada yada~ i admitted it! XD

maah~~ everything's gona be ok! sis keeps telling me to be smart around diff ppl. make frens with them! dont make enemies with others :p but i'm quite confident with this, as up till now i dont hav any enemies nor hate anyone. well, maybe i'l get pissed off with some bad attitudes, but still, *refer back to an old post i wrote in the past* i treat everyone as diff colors. diff ppl diff colors. whether they are good or bad, they still play an important in our life, our world. our world is enriched by these diff ppl, so we should appreciate them :)

so! gona see all of u soon. all my Kuching friends~ I'M COMING BACK!!!!!! lets go out together again ok? maybe go 'yamcha' oso can! just, stay in contact!

CNY is coming! go house visiting!!! go kacau Mr Ang's house!!!!! who's in????? XD


allen said...

eichi.. after spending a year there. i appreciate cheap food more! >.<

eh.. u coming to kacau my house ah? =P (hehe.. jk la.. i know who u're referring to)

thwen said...

All the best, Ei Chi! College is certainly fun, but to an extent, haha.

eiChi said...

@allen: lol! yahor, ur surname is also Ang :p btw, Mr Ang got teach u b4 izit?

@thwen: yup! cant wait for tomolo to come! but i still feel abit nervous :p

allen said...

nope. i wasn't a greenian. but i attended his tuition for a while..

eiChi said...

ah! i see!!! duno whether he still remember u o not. hehe XD