Chinese New Year is coming!!!!!!!!!

everywhere i go is decorated with cherry blossom treess~~(izit cherry blossom? i'm afraid that i got mixed it up with sakura trees...=_='')

anyway. since the CNY is just around the corner. in fact, it's just 2 weeks away, every chinese ppl is coming out on weekends to purchase new year goods!!!!! n yes, KL has become Singapore during weekends. with LOTS N LOTS N LOTS of ppl buying new clothes (esp ladies) like what!! shop selling expensive clothes like ESPRIT (one dress can cost almost RM 200) are packed with ladies!!! they are so rich. n thn there's the BodyGlove shop...selling every item in just HALF PRICE!! O.O''' too bad i didnt see any T-shirts that i really like in it though :p
well, i kinda hate shops that put the sign 'from RM 19.00' on a rack of beautiful clothes n i found almost every of them are from RM 60.....plz dont fool young little girl like me la~~ T_T eeessh...i really thought that i'd find pretty t-shirt or blouse at TOPSHOP......

my mum was also bz buying new year snacks at Jusco Midvalley yesterday with my sis (she just got back from China last Sat night) while me handling the trolley. n yep, besides 'tao hua', golden pigsss can be seen everywhere too :p it's gona the year of pig, so bye bye doggie!!! XD

n last night my sis n bk koko brought me to watch DeathNote 2!!!!! :D :D :D n oh!!! the movie crew had really done a GREAT job!!! esp at editing the original manga storyline! the actors are great too!! esp L n Raito, both of them are really good actors. L is also kinda cute in the movie~ muahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! again, i'm not going to tell u guys what happen in the movie! go watch it urself!!!! enjoy :p *p/s* Ryuk is cool too! haha! funny personality!*

alright alright, i gtg. my sis still got 4 or more logos for me to do, n i wont get money for my work, but a RM 1000++ hp instead!!! yay~~~~~ it's time to change my old crappy phone!!! XD i'll tell u how crappy my current handphone is. ---- the screen can suddenly turn blank.... sumtimes i need to shutdown n on it again to 'revive' the screen..... the keypad malfunctions when i'm halfway typing a msg......sumtimes cant make any calls....sumtimes cant recieve calls....----- ya, it's THAT bad...T_T

but nvm, new handphone is coming my way! yuhoooooooooo~~~~~ :D

n to all my friends who are in college now, GAMBATE!!! :D

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