nothing but UPDATE!

it's 2 a.m now!!!!! n guess where am i? i'm still at my sis's office!!!! my sis let me use the offfice com while she and her bf are so damn busy with their work. and just within 4 days they had been to Singapore and Penang (her bf) just for site meeting, n tomolo they need to go up to Genting again (my mum's gona follow too) nnnnnnnn~ on Thursday, they'll be leaving Malaysia again to Shen Zhen, China. hectic....not for vacation ok? but to earn $$$$$$$$$ sis is right, we are all slaves of money =_= earning money is a never ending process, but spending money, it just takes hours or even minutes to make you penniless. so we all have to work to get those spent money back. plus many more xtras.

n erm..i'm ready for this kinda life...

anyway. I'M HUNGRY!!! i used to have Milo b4 sleep but eversince i came to KL few weeks ago, i just drink mineral water :p now it's 2 a.m no wonder i feel hungry...but there's nothing eatable here in her office. Willy Wonka mentioned that even human is eatable, but that'll be cannabalism, n i don wana taste myself plus the others. hu knows i might get some virus or bacteria......CHOI!!!

okok, here are some proper updates with some photos. so finally, after 14 years, I SET MY FOOT ON SINGAPORE AGAIN!!!!!!!! nyaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~ XD XD XD

when i entered Singapore, the first thing i saw that made me went 'WOW' + "OMG'+'(*&&*^%%#' (in a good way) , was how modernly cool their primary n high schools look. they were simply astounding- well, at least for me. since every school at Kuching are the 'old versions'......but really! their school are SMART! every school building has their own unique clothes. just imagine that u're supposed to go into highschool but found urself stumbled upon a university instead. the architecture is superb =_=''' i want revolution on my dear Chung Hua no.4 and GRSS....

the everyday Singapore is heavily p a c k e d and j a m m e d and S A R D I N - e d with PEOPLE!!!!! O.o''' people crowded around the bus/taxi station. MRT encounters the same fate everyday. every shopping malls, streets, kopitiam, playground, underpass, near the 'lion-mermaid'..... i tell you, it's really scary, for a Kuching-ian like me. wtf? how come there are so many people??? esp inside the malls!!!!! i remembered when we (my family n i) entered TANGS (shop selling women bags...) me and my dad were like...what the hell.... women n 'fashion-icon' wannabe teenagers were flooding the enter shop. my mum n sis joined in the crowd soon after. my dad? he just stood at a spot, carrying our shopping bags...as for me, wandering around the shop, looking for sth tat suits my style n age but found only super big bags with super blings blings and super thick gold chains or other goldy shiny things.......my dad later muttered to me this "these bags are all free.." and after almost 30 minutes, my mum purchased a $19 bag. well, ok, at least tat's a reasonable price =_=

oh ya, besides crowded people, Singapore is crowded with condo n flats too!!! tall buildings in every direction. oh great...no wonder i only saw a few cats n dogs on the street =_=

i'd been to the Durian too :p the Explanade!!! my sis told me some archtitect say it's actually a pineapple. i still think it;s a Durian. n helibely says it's a super dangerous boobs or sth like tat. ask her urself XD it's harsh on the outside but beatiful on the inside. it's just like the Sydney's famous theater got covered up by the Durian skin. hmmm...i wana experience watching a musical show inside the Durian...will it smell? XD just kidding.
i was the first one who noticed these 3 workers up there cleaning the durian. n quickly snap photos of them. an ang mo saw me looking up n he looked up too, n 'wow'. thn an old indian sweeper passes by..also saw us n looked up, stopped sweeping. thn looked at me n ang mo. must be thinking :" hey! they r workers. i'm also a worker too! y not take pics of me?"

too bad i didnt met Hou Kee at Singapore. the first day when i got there, i was Orchard Road while he's at erm..one PC mall called wad Sing Lee..sth lidat. plus it was raining heavily that time. if not he could come to Orchard Road n meet me. on the same night, he tried to ask me out (the fren to fren tok, don think to far) but i had to be with my family. the next day. i was at Vivo City but he's with his uncle, shopping in duno which mall. so....too bad T_T now i can only see u during CNY liaw.
however, i'd finally met Thelindra-chan!!!!! one of my faithful online friends! :D :D :D :D

we hav known each other for 2 years, together with my Israel fren Eli-kun, n we'd been celebrating New Year Eve online for 2 yrs straight! Thelindra-chan (real name Eileen Ho) also sent a Christmas postcard to my house! :D besides, even though i hadnt chatted with them for quite long due to SPM (i owez put appear offline), n when i changed to 'online' mode, Eli-kun was the first one to 'jump' at me n 'ooi!! where hav u been? i miss u so much u know? it's so boring without u around!' n next is Lindra-chan :D i duno whether wad Eli-kun sed was true or not, but one thing is sure, i'm still his friend. :) i really have no regrets knowing this bunch of crazy friends. we talk about animes (of coz, we knew each other in an anime forum!), movies, jap songs, games, yellow pages (think crooked..ehem..), relationship, anything! and when we have nth more to chat, we do RPG (role playing game). they are my best online buddies!!!!! XD XD XD

so, me and thelindra (lindra for short) met inside Vivo City, n together we toured around the mall (both of us dont like shopping much, plus the clothes that sell there are damn expensive one) we went iinside Toys Are Us instead! XD n gosh, it's so different from the ToysRus in our country! there are big screen LCD tvss inside, a small CUTE salon for kids. yes, there's a SALON! lots n lots of barbies, lots n lots of legos, lots n lots of plushies (n when i saw bunny-chan, i remembered Honey-senpai from Ouran High School Host Club. faye n mangyik!! remmeber the CDs!) lots n lots of small 'computers' for kids (me n lindra tried them all XD) lots n lots of baby toys......kids today are so lucky..... i wana be a young girl too...n hav lots n lots of plushies ~.~

btw! i discovered my new LOVE!!!!!!! i cant believe i'm falling in love with them!!!!! i wana hav at least one of them everyday. n since there are different types of my love, i wana try every one of them!!! XD maybe a 'one night stand' for each? XD TEA!!!! I WANT TEA!!!!!! ~~~~~~~ yup yup. Tea is my new love. it's just so sudden, i mean my love for tea :p n i've decided, when i get back to Kuching, i'm gona get myself a beautiful teacup...those European style ones....but i bet they will be very expensive...mayve a traditional japanese tea cup? anyway. n thn, i'm gona taste every types of tea *evil grin* hehehhehehehe. i'm serious. i can keep on pouring tea out from the teapot into the cup in my hand n thn refil the water inside the teapot over n over again. i love tea...just like how hilary love the treesss (sorrylah hil, i just suddenly think of u so bring u into the topic)

erm....*scrolls up* i think these are enuf for 'some updates'. it's 3 a.m now n holy shit! my sis n her bf are still clicking on their mouse!!!! wait...my sis is resting on the sofa..... i dont think i can sleep now. i'm not sleepy at all...feeling very awake. oh well, might as well stop here. see ya! n oh! good morning :D


thwen said...

Ei Chi, can I beat you up since you went on a holiday to Singapore, and took lovely pictures there?

Yes, right... Haha, kidding.

I wanted to go Singapore ever since before Christmas, but never got the chance to... You're so fortunate...

Ning-ning said...

The PC mall is called Sim Lim plaza lah Ichigo-san..........

eiChi said...

@thwen: *prepares defensive stance* hikahikahiak

well, maybe during this CNY? or the mid year hols :p it's just a few hours drive right?

@ning-ning: Sim Lim plaza? O.O''' ok, thnx for the info!!! XD