ahahahahaha..... =_=''' sorry for the lack of update. was busy cracking up my mind for ideas on my assignments and also at the same time slacking off to read the Gakuen Alice manga again.... i'm so pathetic T_T my friends have already started their work while i'm still here, having my ideas all written down only.... I MUST START DRAWING TODAY!!!!! *dateline is on next Wednesday..oh well...start drawing >:( )

after 2 weeks there, i've met really..alot of different types of people, and they are all my friends now :) new friends appear everyday and it is so much fun! most of them are really wacky and "jiak lak" people :p but some of them are really kind! aaannnd...i just found a victim to 'kacau' with....muahahahahahahahaha~~~~

there are disadvantages too when you have alot of friends..esp when it comes to group work =_=''' i duno which group to be in with. this sux...coz i dun wana hurt others feelings. but fortunately all of them are open-minded people, and so they dont mind who's grouping with who at all, as long as we all have fun ^.^ hehe... quite true... we must all have fun and produce the best thing in the end :)

oh btw! remember the Japanese girl named Saki?? we are emailing each other now!!! :D nyaaaaaa~~~ i am so happy when i received her email!! thank goodness she still remember me *^.^*

oklah, that's all for today ^.^v n i'm having an artist block now so my deviant art will be on hiatus for how long..it's still yet to be known =_=''' gah....i wana draw sth on Natsume and Mikan again, my most favourite manga characters pairing of all time! serious :p

*oops, i almost forget about the SPM results thing. it's gona be out on Mon...aaah...dooms day is here :) *


Timothy said...

Hey! Good Luck with your SPM results!

And yes, I managed to change my display name!

eiChi said...

hey! thanks alot :)