Guns and Blood and SPM

- ish watching Black Lagoon. 2 more episodes to go before the finale! the Mafia-ss are really something..n the assassins...2 of them are even a psycho incest!!!

- ish downloading the first 2 episodes of Code Geass. man..this anime is getting popular =_='''

- later gona edit the logo for my sis... yare yare ^.^'''

- my C drive's free space is like shit now. barely up to 1 Gb.... man..i'm gona get it reformat soon ..>.<

- plus my CD burner is acting strange lately. takes more time to burn things and sometime it refuses to burn at all. what the???

- tomorrow's the dooms day~~ yay~~~~ kinda having a mixed feeling now. one side of me is calm like heaven while the other side of me is worrying like hell. so the best solution to overcome this shit feeling? anime....muahahahahahaha!!! Black Lagoon!! so much of blood and guns and Mafiasss~~~ n horrible killing scenes =_=''' well...not as gross as Elfen Lied. i havnt watched it yet, but everyone is telling me that Elfen Lied is the most gruesome and violent anime of all time...wonder Youtube has got it blocked or not......

- yosh!!! all ex-SPMers~~~ LETS PRAY HARD FOR TOMORROW. AND AFTER THAT WE CAN PLAY HARD!! nyaaaaaa~~~ life is so peaceful.....

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Wee-AK89 said...

get a new burner frm me! n hard disk too! :P (working at pcimage... call me up if u need anything...)