horrible and vegetable

not in the mood to blog a long post. need to finish a drawing by Friday. it's Life Drawing btw. n yesss, it's very horrible. imagine we were asked to go to Waterfront and draw the 'Hai Chun Jie'..sth like this

plus the drawing u draw must cover up 80% of ur cartridge paper (which is 4 times bigger thn the normal A3 size) and SHADE IT!!!!!! what the hell....

don't even have the mood to brag about my appearance in Eastern Times and Borneo Post. and the torrent speed for Code Geass isn't helping at all.


thwen said...

Hey Ei Chi, can you please post your complete drawing up here in your blog. Would love to admire your life drawing haha... Thanks.

Cheers, Hui Wen

pau-ed said...

uh.. guys are always willing to sacrifice their virginity before marriage. perverts.