smash it! :D

the Japanese frenzy is over. now back to my normal school ife...duh :p

went out with Ivy, Fion, Teck Chain and Kang Kang and played badminton at Crown Tower yesterday afternoon. and oh man, i havent sweat so much for a loooooooooooooooong time. my shirt was soaked, so as my hair. all so wet! and when i went for a pee after the 2 hours game, my urine is as clear as pipe water, even though i just drank like..2 or 3 mouthfuls of water earlier O.o''' clearly, i'd sweated everything out during the process :p

and amazingly, my hands and legs muscles dont really feel numb or hurt at all today! :D usually whenever i finish playing badminton, i can't move my hands freely on the next day. this means something...my strength has grown..muahahaha~~

anyway, yesterday too was the first time that i reeaaaallly step into an arcade. we went to Hock Lee centre after the play. i bought 4 tokens. 2 for playing the lousy basketball (some balls have almost no gas in them. the machine at KL is soo much better) , 1 got 'eaten' by a game called..duno what, but it's fighting one la, like street fighters that type. n thn the last 1, i used it to play my first car racing game. erm..not initial D lah, although i'd like to ask Brennan to teach me how to play n hopefully i can beat Jim, muahaha..jk) anyways, luckily Teck Chain was there, or else i wouldnt know how to start n drive the car!! really paiseh lah =_=''' so i ended up at 40th place...guess it's the last one.... *sigh* aiyah, this was my first time la....i'd never played at an arcade b4, ok? :p

all of them went home at 5 pm sth. my dad sed he'd pick me up at 6.30 pm!!! O.O''' so Chain decided to stay n accompany me, since he lives quite near (he's from Miri, so he's staying at a place near the campus) but till 6.45 pm like tat my dad sill hadnt come!!! so i told chain to go home first, since it's getting dark, or else he wouldnt find his way back XD . in the end, my dad arrived at 7.10 pm like tat. he was angry coz he went to Crown Tower to look for me. swt.... i got phoned him and told him to fetch me at Hock Lee! and he wasnt paying attention! O.o''' plus his hp has no more credit, he couldnt contact me. luckily i got a bad feeling that he was looking for me at somewhere else, i msg him telling him my exact location, thn baru he came, fuming inside the car...hehehe.....it's his fault la...not mine. i did tell him twice tat i was at Hock Lee :p :p :p

ok. today is the last day of the Chinese New Year festival..might as well remove the 'Happy pig year' banner above :p and today i'd read sth really meaningful, or thoughtful? duno which one is more suitable :p Fion lend me a chinese book, inside has alot of meaningful + thoughtful stories. most of them are about love, as in every aspect. not just plain love for girls n boys. n i came across a phrase..it's like this, " 叶子的离开, 是因为风的追求, 还是树的不挽留." and it makes me think of something...

anyway, i really like this phrase alot. dont ask me why ;p i just love it :)

" 叶子的离开, 是因为风的追求, 还是树的不挽留."


pearL said...

try playing time crisis. that game is awesome!! my fav! teheheh

eiChi said...

time crisis? okies! i'll ask chain for help liaw~~ muahahaha :p