today is the happiest day of my life. one of my impossible dreams has come true...THE JAPANESE!!! OMG!!! I FEEL LIKE SHOUTING OUT MY JOY INSTEAD OF WRITING THEM HERE!!! NYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


deep breath...ok... i shall start from the morning. again, this is gona be another post fill with photos. Hannah! pay attention to them! XD

class ended at 11 am today, early right? because all the performers and lecturers had to rehearse and practice the show. XD n here are some of the pictures of us singing the Kenyah song "Leiling" (we added japanese sentences inside the song :p)

and i wana introduce some of my campus friend to you :D

me and stephanie (dexter is at the back), me and Sarah, me and Anis :)

after the happy rehearsal (we sing really really well :p) and a happy lunch with the seniors, all of the students, ambassadors, choirs (us), dancers and the lecturers waited outside WingsCoffee for the arrival of the Japanese~~~~~ n after a while, around 2 pm, THEY CAME IN A BIG BUS!!!! AND ALL OF THEM ARE SUPER DUPER KAWAII OJOU-CHAN!!!!!! PLUS 2 SUPER DUPER KAKOII BISHONEN!!!!!!! here here, look look!!!!

and they all wore YUKATA!!! A SUMMER KIMONO!!! which means a much more lighter and simpler kimono. you cant expect them to wear real kimono under the hot sun :p anyway, THE YUKATA IS SO PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD


thn they all went inside WingsCoffee....

the lecturers ushered us to go and chat with them so me, Sarah and Stephanie decided our targets. the kawaii ladies in the pic above ;D Sarah and Steph went up to say 'Hi' first while me jumped infront of them and greeted "Konnichiwa~~" with a happy tune, and all 3 of them (the Japanese girls) squealed "Kawaii~~~~ konnichiwa~~~" :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Japanese girls from left to right : Saki-chan (my fav, she's the cutest of all and she's so SWEET!!!) , Tomoko (every guys' fav. true. brennan and dexter came to me and tell me how beautiful Tomoko is),and Yuu (Kanda Yuu from D.Gray-man? lol! anyway, she got a BIG eyes~)

i asked them about Kuching, and they were so excited n replied "Kuching!! suki des!! like Neko-chan! " *'neko' means cat* so i asked them "What about 'Inu'" *'Inu' means dog* and they squealed again :D they are si CUTE~~~ next i chatted about the anime i had watched. and when i mentioned Paradise Kiss (the Japanese refer it as 'Para Kiss'), Saki-chan and Tomoko-chan, both of their eyes suddenly lighten up XD n so we talked about the 'Kakoii' George inside the anime!! Nyaaaaaaa~~~ i couldnt believe i was actually talking with them!! using mixed english and japanese!!! XD XD XD i also introduced myself in Japanese to one of them and she was happy + shocked to hear it :D her eyes actually blinked! *^.^*

next, we all went out to take a group photo!!!
*click on picture to enlarge*

after that was some speech given by a certain Datuk, thn Niki, our campus erm..big lecturer (big as in position wise) n thn was our choir and dancers' show time~~~~ >:) well..too bad that i failed to ask my friends take photos of us, but anyway, our performances were GREAT!!! with the beautiful melody and our harmonious voice..yatta~ we did it XD before the performance, many of us were so nervous. i'm trembling too, but i was trembling with EXCITEMENT!!!! I'M GONA PERFORM INFRONT OF JAPANESE PEOPLE!!!! NYAAAA~~~ :D besides must also thanks the drumer (traditional drum lah), which is Jim, our class's joker. he makes us laugh all the time. and also Niki's daughter who's playing the Sape. she 's just Form 3 u all, but she's taller thn anyone of us, even Brennan =_='''

thn is 'taberu' time!!!! *taberu means eat* the staff had prepared satayssss and sandwiches and sum light snacks which i dont really care for the Japanese to eat :)

n thn we spotted a small group outside with the lecturers...

and so all of us rushed to join in the photo shoot!!!

see me see me? i'm in the middle :D

after the refreshing hour, it was the Japanese's show time. :D they introduced themselves one by one. n i took many photos of them XD i'm not gona post all of them out here though, too many. instead, Hannah, if u are wondering where are the Japanese guys...

this is Keisuke-san :) every girl 'wooted' at him when he came to the middle of the floor to intro himself. they all like him best! but for me, he's not as handsome as this guy >:)

he is Junki-san. but he prefers ppl to call him 'Jun'. n i called him Jun-kun. he doesn't mind at all XD n you know what? JUN-KUN SMILES ALOT AND LOVES CAMERA ALOT!!!!! whenever we made eye contact, he smiled at me, with his teeth all shown out! kyyyaaaa~~ n whenever ppl wana took pics with him, he'd be so happy and even made cute poses for us!!!! n guess what? he's style is just like Miyano Mamoru!!! the voice actor who voice acts Tamaki-senpai in Ouran and also Light-kun in Death Note!!!! O.O'''

anyway, more photos of them at the back, ppl, esp hannah. dont worry :p

n oh ya, Saki-chan also explained briefly about the Yukata for us, using Keisuke-san and another girl as a model ;p
look at Saki-chan!! (the one in Sunflower Yukata) her smile is so SWEET!!!!! XD

so after the intro session, Tomoko-chan demonstrated the ways of the Tea Ceremony. she's the Tea Master here :p

each of us were given a small book on how to drink during the ceremony :) all list them down here ;p

1. When the tea master bows, you bow.
2. You say hello to the tea master who offered sweets with a bow (the sweets are very unique, they are shaped in sakura and meteorites XD) . you need to say "Choudai itashimasu", which means, 'i will have, thank you."
3. thn you say hello to the next visitor with a bow. this time you say "Osakini", means 'excuse me for being first.' (they are so polite!). Take only one share and pass the sweets to the neighour.
4. as when the tea is served, you say hello (Choudai itashimasu) to the master who made it with a bow of thanks.
5. you drink the tea after turning the bowl twice to the right to avoid drinking from the front of the bowl (i wonder why...)
6. thn, wipe the brim with a finger and return the bowl in the front and put it on the floor when you finish drinking it. give a bow to thanks the tea master.

btw, there is proper ways of holding the bowl too! you need to use the left hand to support the bottom of the bowl and the right hand holds the edge :)

when they asked "Who wana join in with the tea ceremony?" i was the first to lift up my hand XD n when they sed "ok, come and sit here with them." i'm the first one to jump infront n sit down beside Tomoko-chan...ehehehehehehe :p Natasha @Yen, my senior, followed after. (Yen was also as excited as me. she's too, like me, a Japan freak :p)

so these pictures were taken when i was having my first tea ceremony :D :D

me and Yen felt happiness when we drank the traditional Japanese tea made by Japanese and had a tea ceremony with the Japanese....the taste of the tea was PERFECT!!!!! :D

thn, the staff prepared an Ice-breaking game for them and the LUCT Architecture field students. btw, these Japanese students are from Shizuoka University and they are either taking Architecture course or International Culture course. the Ice-breaking game was like this. 5 persons in a group. 3 Japanese, n 2 LUCT's :p they were asked to build a small bridge using straws n named it. they were also given time limit. i was hoping so much to join in the fun too but..'zan nen desu yo ne..' it's only for Architecture students :( anyway, i took photos again XD!

Keisuke-san and Tomoko-chan!!!! :D
Keisuke and Yuu-chan!!! look at Yuu's eyes!!! they are BIG! O.O btw, this group (Tomoko, Keisuke and Yuu) were the most popular group. many LUCT students took pictures of them, until they had to hurried up to finish their bridge in the end :p

everyone was having fun. the blue Yukata one is Edie..or sth like tat. the pronunciation for her name is 'eh-di' :p she's also kawaii, but not as kawaii as Saki-chan!!!!
Jun-kun!!! Saki-chan!!!! and the other i duno her name...=_=''' gomen... but anyways, just look at Saki-chan. she's the PERFECT JAPANESE GIRL!!! her style her smile her laugh her face, she is an original Japanese girl. no no, i didnt mean that the others are not original. what i mean is..aiyah..how to say...erm....that she's the perfect Japan's ambassador >:)

Saki-han and Jun-kun again!!!! btw, Saki is very very VERY FRIENDLY!!! her english is quite good and somehow me and her clicked! :D and Hannah, this pic is for you :) and for other girls who like Jun-kun XD

kakoii des..........*^.^*

when the game was done, we choir sang Rasa Sayang. this time, we didnt stand still n sing, but, we moved around the place, gave out the lyrics and sang with the Japanese :D i went and sang with Saki and Jun-kun :p n Saki-chan sang along very well too!!! good good!!! :D the whole WingsCoffee was filled with 'Rasa Sayang HEY~' and all of us moved with the beats XD thn we all took group photos again! :D too bad again tat i wasnt fast enough to ask other ppl took for me :p i sat with Saki-chan and both of us exchanged email-address :D yay~~~ i also got asked email addresses from Tomoko, Keisuke, Yuu, and Miyuki (will appear later). anyway, i asked Saki-chan whether the whole program is 'tah no shii?' (it means 'fun') she happily replied "yea~ honto ta no shi des!!" and she meant it, i could see it in her eyes :D SHE IS TOO SWEET LAH~~~ :P
me and Saki-chan :)

thn i took picture with Jun-kun!! he understands lil english, so i had to mime and with the help of Saki, just to tell him i wana take photos with him ;p
tada~~~ i wish my hair is like his. n HIS POSE IS SO CUTE!!!!!!

but! this picture of him is the best, for me. the lucky girl inside is Ivy
IVY!!! I ENVY YOU LAH~ XD you must really thank me for taking this photo for u!!!

so i cropped out his head.... sorry lah Ivy..hehe...:p
his teeth is so white O.o''' aaah~ man~~~ he is so sunny la~~ we chinese call it as "阳光少年" XD

anyway, more photos with more Japanese ppl. dont always Saki-chan and Jun-kun.

me and Tomoko-chan! she looks abit like ang moh btw, n many guys really LOVE her!!!
Keisuke-san and eiChi-chan! every girl berebut-rebut to take photos with him.

Yuu-chan dragged me over to take photo :D the two seniors at the back are Dexter and the other...i cant remember her name =_='' but she's a good senior! i like her :)

me, Edi and.......T_T i didnt ask for her name.......

it's too hard to remember all their names, but this bunch here got so excited when i told them i watched Hagane No Renkin Jutsushi (they don't know what is FullMetal Alchemist, so i i had to say it in Jap)

this is Miyuki!!!! :D she's pretty too!!! :D

and this 'Oji-san' is a retired architecturer who follows the students here :)

n another exciting thing happened before all of them left, which is around 5 pm!!! Saki-chan gave me the chance to wear her Yukata!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D *btw, she also showed me a picture of FUJI MOUNTAIN!! which she took herself using her hp :)*

she helped to put the Yukata on me..n TADA~~
i am really really happy...*sob sob* Saki-chan and me even hugged each other :)

she is really really really sweet and kawaii..i duno how many times i had repeated this... after today, she is one of my friends now :) n i'm gona email her ^.^''' i duno how long will this friendship last, but i do wish that it will last as looooong a possible :p

anyway, on the other side of the room, Yen was happily putting on Miyuki's Yukata too! haha!! the two of us can say are the happiest LUCT students today, lol!

both of us (Yen and me) plus Brennan (he can speak good Japanese ok? he's ex was a half Japanese half Chinese) were really 舍不得 when all of them climbed into the bus....in fact, me and yen even planned on going back to Japan with them! of coz this is just a joke lah :p we yelled 'Sayonara, mina-san' to them :) n when the bus turned a corner, Keisuke, who was sitting at the back, turned to face us and sent us flying kisses. lol!!! arigatou mo!! haha!

n guess what, i was shocked when i felt tears in my eyes, thn they started to flow out O.o'''' no no~ i wasnt crying becos they had left, but i cried bcoz of happiness :) some of my crazy dreams included going holiday in Japan and meet + chat with Japanese ppl. n now i'd full filled one!!! Yen cried abit too! :) both of us are anime, manga, and Japanese lovers. it is just too amazing for us to hav actually met them personally and be friends with them.

maybe Saki-chan n the others will forget me in the future, since we live so far from each other, but one thing's for sure. i'll treasure today's experience like my precious. the meeting with the Japanese is a very meaningful n significant thing to me.

thank you mina-san, honto ni arigatou gozaimashita! :)


pearL said...

O.o nice one! lucky u!

allen said...

wow. are they still around.. they're surely good for camera.. camera loves them

eiChi said...

@pearl: yaya ;p japanese~~~~ nyaaaa :)

@allen: they went back oledy. they came here 2 weeks ago for some project :)

hannah said...

ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! KAWAIIIIIIIII!!!! I like that Jun guy! cute cute cute!!!! and the girls so cute also!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! *smiles idiotically* SO SONG WAN U!!!!! I wish i was there!!! keisuke...haha isnt tht the name of the racer in initial D? wahahaha! I LOVE THE PICS!!! LOVE YA LOTS EICHI!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! tht guy sooooo cute....always do cute poses....lolz, like tamaki....I WANNA GO JAPAN!!!! Freakin ecastic now!

hannah said...

You're a good blogger. this post was written damn well. I could feel your joy and the excitement and even the sadness at the end. The way u rite makes me feel as if i were there. Not bad. Lots of other ppl blogs cant do that. This was one great post. I'm feeling a lil sad now tht the post has ended. =( saki-chan is indeed very very cute! i lyk her more thn tomoko lolz. she is the perfect japanese girl i always see on tv and stuff but never for real. and that jun-kun too. the last pic of him is too gorgeous 4 words =P im starting to sound lyk u liao...hehehe...u're so blessed to have such a great opportunity =) ahhhh....LOVE THIS POST! Thank u so much~ *tears in eyes*

eiChi said...

wah hannah, ur comments are long ^.^''' hehehe.thnx for the compliment, i'll do my best to blog better n improovvveeee my eeenngglliiisshh :p :p :p ;p n ... u're also soo excited too!! nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~~~ XD LET'S GO JAPAN TOGETHER!!!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!