Maple Story!!

GAH!!!!! "Myself on Canvas" is 90% done!!!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~ :D later gonna finish up the journal, and I almost run out of my colour ink!!! shite! I kinda sacrifice alot for this final Creative Studies assignment =_='''

and last night was my FIRST time playing Maple Story until so long..... swt.... from 10.45 pm till 3.30 a.m...*got break in the middle la, like go toilet....* ssshhhh..dont tell my parents =_= but i just finally gotten my job as the Rogue and wana level up as soon as possible. Luckily Hilary was in too, he gave me many of his stuff like the mesossss (the money inside), the red potions, some useful weapons for Rogue...he was level 17 already, and he accompany me to kill all those friggin mushrooms and stupid snails. and oh! the SLIME!!! hate them. and i dont have the courage to fight the ribbon pig just yet. i need to level more b4 i can handle them. well..i duno whether u guys know what i'm toking about...but for those who got play this game, come find me at Aquila!!! my character name is Eimiko!!!!
this one!!! hehe... anyway, met Chung Hueng in there too last night. she's already in level 45++ and is a magician (hilary is an archer btw) . so all 3 of us travel together to level up. I'm so lucky and happy that both CHung Hueng and Hilary always helping me up, or else i'd would have died for like... 10 times?? i'm still noob ok?? =_=

*p/s sis. dont worry, i only play the game after i've finish my assignments :) *

oklah. just wana tell u guys how happy i am to be able to play the online game :D must thnx Brennan and Natasha and Desmond for intro this game to me. they thought me lots of tips too. nyaaaaaa~~~ :D

dont be fooled by these cute creatures. they are actually VERY EVIL!!!!! *well..the blue snail is ok la..can kill them in just one hit liaw. n since i have acquired the skill of double stab, i can kill the slime too if i can jump n attack at the same time. becoz they(the slime) keep on bouncing up n down!!!!

:p :p :p

gona stop at here for today. thn after the final presentation for my canvas on Monday, i'm gona blog about the trip to Ranchan Pool that me and my LUCT frens went last Wed, and amazing thrilling dangerous thing happened =_=''' i have a video of it...

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pau-ed said...

wahhh i how many months din maple already. level 16 warrior and level 24 archer! wakaka