Level 14 Rogue!!!!


ok, so i might not be addicted to Maple Story, i'm just addicted on how to level up my character! and both of my characters in Bootes and Aquila are already reached level 14!!!!!!!!! yay~~~ i play alone in Bootes, while i play with Hil and others in Aquila!!!! ho hoho ho! no, i dont play continuously. whenever i reach another level i'll just stop. :p muahahahaha!!

and bcoz of maple story, i'd stopped downloading manga and animes. O.o'''

what the fcuk?? did i just say that????? *quickly goes of to animesource.com* BLEACH!! D.GRAY-MAN!!!! CODE GEASS!!!!!!

i miss them alot T_T

anyway, tomorrow is the final day for our final project "Myself on Canvas". it seems like i'm the first to finish both the canvas and the journal. i was happily playing maple on Saturday already, while my friends still ringing me asking for tips n etc. :p face it! my speed is really something!!!!!!

but i'm still abit nervous about tomorrow's presentation la.... our lecturer advice us not to be too nervous to prevent us from stuttering n erm..speaking fast, they will deduct marks for that. but what about me??? O.O''' even if i'm in my normal state, my talking speed is 2 times faster thn a normal person!!!! gah... i'd been practising on how to talk slowly for a whole night. YES, a WHOLE night!!!! and... i think there's no improvement at all.T_T i'm so gona be dead tomorrow.

btw, this is my artwork :0

and i named it "Left Arm of the Insanity and Genius".

and i'm lazy to explain my artwork to you now. it has taken me 4 nights to finish the whole thing. well..i did one part at a time mah..

sigh... looks like these days i've become so random when writing my post. what to do.... so many things happen around me... assignments some more... this and that... anime... maple... O.O''''

i'm signing off now!! bye bye!!!

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