i love coffee :p

buahahahaha~~!!! just level up to 15!!! buahahaha~!!!!

again..this is a random post. dont have a time to really sit down and write a proper post.

first. I GOT 9 OUT OF 10 FOR MY PRESENTATION!!! YAHOOO!!! highest of the class, together with Brennan :D at first i was really nervous! i even brought my Natsume (my small teddy bear i bought at Travillion at only RM 5 a few weeks ago) with me n keep hugging it, to keep away the butterflies in my stomach. most of my frens borrow my teddy bear for the same reason too! XD hmm... it's good that when i got up there and talk, everything seemed so fun. people are responding to what i presented, i felt so good to stand infront and 'chat' with others..yes...my frens actually chat with me instead of asking questions about my canvas!! lol! n u know what sis? one of my frens (guy) is interested in you n i warned him "don't even think about it" :p

2nd. for our Life Drawing lesson next week, our class might be heading towards somewhere at Matang (venue is still yet to confirm)..stay overnight...thn the next day draw! O.o''' Mr William told us it;s gona be 70% fun, and 30% draw. ooooooooo.... i told my mum already, luckily she agreed on that, although a bit reluctantly =_=''' what to do? teacher asks one bah..n it's for Life Drawing....

3rd. one more visitor at my blog! everyone is welcome Hannah (sync4) from Singapore who is just 11 yrs old!!! *claps* ooo..now i know 2 Hannahs :p anyway, met her in Maple just awhile ago..we were killin green slimes n green mushrooms n stumps... thn i was level up..without Hilary's help. (he was suppose to 'maple' with me but thn her sis went n reformat the PC..so..he needs to download the game again...poor hil XD ) anyway, welcome to my blog Hannah(sync4) XD

4th. my rationale for "Left Arm of the Insanity and Genius" !!!!!

just click them to read if you care :p and bear with my broken English XD

and this is my journal's cover...nice nice?? my journal actually very thick. and 36 pages of it are my questionnaires...hhehehehhehehe :p to think that i have so many ppl to giv my questionnaires actually makes me proud... i have so many frens at LUCT XD

ok ok! it's 1 am oledy! i gotta sleep. tomolo still have class lah :p btw, our campus punya Comic Club is gona create an ArtBook(comic one lah) to sell in order to raise fund for cosplaying *brennan is the president who wants to start a cosplay while i'm the one hu think of the idea of the artbook* so ppl from Kuching, who likes comic, be sure to buy when it comes out k? XD


ShadduP said...

waaa!!!!! LUCT SO FUNNNNN!!!! i so jealous!!! sob sob... get to draw and have fun at the same time!

ShadduP said...

oh ya... IM THE 1ST TO COMMENT!!!! yay! *proud proud*

Timothy said...

English proof reading~~~

eiChi said...

@shaddup: lol! yup, LUCT is fun! :D make many fun friends :D how;s ur life btw?

@tim: wow..thnx O.o'''