ohlalala :D

the latest assignment is due next week!!!

PLAY FOR NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but maple is down for system maintainnance T_T boo...

anyway, Intro!

The Akiyame!!!

Consists of various people from various planets whose interest are becoming serious otakus.

KuroAme, Yume, Eimiko, Purple, Umi, Freaky, French Fries, Chrono, Porin, Drumstick, Fye, Ah Siao.

they are all ready to take over the LUCT's comic world.

end of introduction.

muahahhahahahahaha~!!! XD i'm so gona design a logo for it!

btw, i'd mentioned that i would post my trip with the others to Ranchan Pool right? well... it was last wednesday and i sort of lost the spirit to blog about that... gomenasai minna-san~ T_T but i tell you, the trip was really fun! too bad i was having girl issues that day, or else i'd just jump into the water and hav the water fight with them XD.

aaah.....maybe i'll just let the photos do the talking :D

upon arriving...seeing George (the one standing), Jim and Brennan preparing for the barbecue...

the pool....rocks and water...

Natasha@Yen@Yume... just got up from the water... looking cheeky XD


FIRE!!!!! it's actually the smoke from the barbecue la... hmm...looks like mist from afar... maybe i should edit this photo n make it into a creepy one..... hyuhyuhyuhyu *Sunako-chan's tyle*

whoah... i think i could take a better shot thn this XD

green things actually makes your eyes feel better. but of coz not aliens la...

and then i found Eina and Vivian at the other side of the pool, washing small lemon and making belacan :p

all my frens and lecturers... *sigh* ... I WANA GO DOWN THERE TOO!!

Water fight!!! and Sarah even hav time to pose for my camera =_=''

my seniors. left : Dexter, George, and duno hu..hahahhaha ^.^'''

after that around 3pm, the 6 of us cramped inside brennan's car and got back to Kuching, stopped by De Cream'som to eat :D
and on the way down from Ranchan to Kch, brennan was speeding like hell while natasha was screaming for dear life, and me, sarah and roza bz video-ed everything XD

i'm not going to post up the speeding video though... not good for children XD nyahahahahahaha

and i just finished blogging my trip to Ranchan~~~ :D

okok. next thing i wana announce here.

yuhooo~~~ there;s gona be a fashion show in Kuching on Saturday, where i'l be involving in it too!! :D

nolah, dont get the wrong idea. i dont do modellin. i just do the brackdrop la... the fashion show people entrusted the decorating job to us LUCT students and me sort of sneak myself into this activity XD so i'll be 'officially' free from class tomoso as i have to help out at the place. muahahahahaha.... i'm gona take lotsa photos on Saturday night liaw...muahahahhaha XD

i wonder Maple is available oledy.... *wanders off*

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