project runway eichi style!

O green world~
Don't desert me now~
Bring me back to fallen town~
Where someone is still alive~


yea yea, is listening to their albums right now. i feel peace after a very very VERY hectic day o.o''' hectic as in, well, there are just so many things that suddenly squeezed themselves into my head! it's a surprise that the capacity of my brain is actually bigger thn my C drive (which has only 302 MB of remaining space.... pity me please)

gorillaz.... O green world...

so this morning woke up at 7.15 am. i actually rushed my bath and only had a cup of Nescafe (weee~~) becoz i had to get to campus by 8! well, i was late in the end anyway..and the Fashion Club meeting hadn't even started... well, the meeting is about the fashion show that they gona organize during the next July intake. and we (the members) actually have to design clothes for it. 4 -5 outfits per person, n sew ourselves. oh gosh...this is gona be like Project Runway... but heck! i don't even know how to sew!!!!! luckily Amber and the other guys in the club offer their help, so...ok...i'll try my best ^.^''' Amber even told me she wants me to design bcoz i'll have great ideas, after she'd seen my canvas :p Ok thn! i'll really try my best to produce my own clothing line~~~ muahahaha~~~ first step towards one of my biggest dream!!!!! :D

rock the house baby~~ gorillaz~~

after the meeting, all of us ( the one who were called to help for the Fashion show thingy tomolo) waited for like duno how long for the lecturer to give us permission to go to TopSpot. me, brennan and jim (the main ones) plus sum others attacked the LUCT fliers in the end. and the back of the fliers become like this.

*click for larger view* yea...these 2 pieces of artwork were actually done by the Akiyame members. Eimiko (me), KuroAme (Brennan...i prefer to call him KuroBra...) and French Fries (Jim, he likes fries ALOT) were the main culprits behind the attack of the LUCT fliers....

ghost train!!!! c'mon c'mon~~ lalaa

it was 10 sth and we were still sitting at Point One, waiting....until all of us (exactly 10 ppl) got so bored and ended up in Brennan's super duper rich European house. girls usu go gaga over hot boys. i went gaga over his wooden furnitures. THEY ARE ALL SO EUROPEAN!!! damit... n wallpapers..the sofa... EVERYTHING!!! even his wooden study table was the one which i always DREAMT OF!!!!! shite la..... n thn his TV room got a very very BIG plasma TV... n at his carporch rest a RED PORSCHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O.O'''' he is so damn rich. his mama is half Scottish... wow... and had i mentioned that his house got alot of CAR MODELS IN EVERY CORNER???? toy cars, serious toy cars, good cars model..damn.... i always want to collect them!!!!!! T_T i was gaping n toking like what while my mind was completely speechless when i got into his house. serious...

anyway, guess what we did in his house. some ppl siiting at the living room watching movie using the projector...yes..a home theater..rich bastard...i'm becoming like Haruhi from Ouran High XD . Pepertua, George and Dex were singing n playing guitar, Jim quickly play Maple to level up, while me and Brennan were cooking 8 packets of Maggee Mee in the kitchen!!! :D yay~~ Maggee Mee~~~ thn the rest came to help us. Pepertua brought the guitar along and i ended up singing Avril's I'm With You instead of cooking the mee. thn Amber wants me to sing during the next intake activities also... oooo..another thing being stuffed into my mind. but I LOVE SINGING! :D It's a damn cold~~~ night~~~~ oh. Pepertua also cooked lotsa eggs and i found a cucumber to be sacrificed for our meal..muahahahaha XD the cucumber was bitter though, coz it's very old oledy.... i still love cucumber anyway :)

1 pm! finally!!! we were called to leave the house and head for LUCT to gather again...thn headed for the site at TopSpot. and erm... it's quite a disappointment actually.... we all thought that it's gona be all high class and pro but what?? the organizer wanted us to decorate the side walls with 3 very diff colours cloth. grey, cream, and yellow orange. .... erm... .... ????? ERM?????? it's ok for them to do the fashion show at the carpark on level 5 (same level with the PC fair) ... but how come the decor.... lets just have our fingers cross that it'll look good tomolo night. i went and asked the organizer about the designer. n she sed :" oh no, no designers. it;s actually a fashion show for the 2 new boutiques that had just open up in town." .... ok .... so basically it's not a fashion show but kinda like a promotion of the boutiques... hmm.... i'll just go there tomolo night and hav some food thn take some photos thn prepare to leave... ... ... we all really thought that it's gona be a very serious and pro one. like the one we always see on TV? guess we still cant afford this kinda pro thing in Kch..sad...

I ain't happy, i'm feelin glad,
i got sunshine, in a bag.
i'm useless, but not for long the future, is comin on is comin on is comin on....

the following paragraph shall be hidden. there's a way to read it though.... if u are clever enuf... just zip ur mouth after u read it :p

uhuuuuhuuuhuuu~ that snobbish childish idiot angmoh in my campus finally back stab me today. n overheard by michelle. michelle told her bf ah siao. ah siao thn told jim. thn both jim n ah siao told me :p confuse? anyway. it was heard that that angmoh told his friends (does he even have more thn 1 friend? so far i only see one hang out with him) about my left hand, how ugly it looks n blablablablabla..just talk bad about me la..... lol! he doesnt even know how to differentiate what is called cute and what is called ugly??!!! or maybe he really thinks that Doraemon is ugly. :p ok, i have heard many bad rumours about him, n i didnt expect i'd be his victim today. what did i do to him?? o.o''' weird guy he is. too free i gues.. ;p always talk back about people. but hey! i;m the 'insanity and genius' man~~ bring it on~! i swear if he say things about me again i'll just go up to him and say :" thnx for the compliment" thn smile at him. what? u think i'm gona fight him ah? i wont do such foolish things on such foolish people :p

are we the last living souls? lalalala~ i'm still listening to gorillaz :D

duno why but recently i found people started pouring out their hearts at me, literary. guess i'm really is a good listener :) one of my friends was really feeling stressed out by all the pressures this afternoon, and i just sat bside her listen to her, trying my best to cheer her up, and give spirits to her :D i duno if i had succeeded in the end, but she seemed cheery after that :) good. all the best to her. don't lose focus bcoz of the obstacles, be strong instead and keep smiling and look forward :D if you think you can do it, thn you can! don;t think of the 'what if' s.

i feel like Mikan from Gakuen Alice nowadays, always the cheery type and give support to others. :D joy joy~~ everybody raise their hands and feel the happiness in the air~~~ :D :D :D let you see some colourful thing that will make you smile.

one of my Design Studies assignments. Colour Scheme, where we need to create abstract illustrations and colour them in 4 dif types of colours. Monochromatic, Analogous, Complementary and Warm/Cool colours. well, the first art of every line is my original piece. the rest, i 'hue-ed' them in photoshop :D i love the outcome! mahahahahahahahaha

oklah oklah. i had blog a long post today. told you that it's a miracle that my brain doesnt explode with all these stuff! i go play maple liaw. n maybe after that i'll go kacau kacau in Club Bleach Forum. damn.... i miss that place so much....

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