Siar Beach pt 2!!

ok, where was i.... oh yes, the night time!!! >:D

so after we had our dinner, me, Fion, Chain and Vivian decided to play cards in my room! got air-con summore XD and the room is bright! unlike others..dim dim one... anyway... so we played lotsa card games!! first they thought me how to play 'dai di'... thn black jack... i got a video of me learning Black Jack from Chain but i dont feel like posting it here.... quite mensiasoikan..and dont wana influence little kids XD muahahahaha

Fion and Chain.. really serious eh? and we didnt do gambling!!!! XD no money to bet oso! muahahaha! we just gav detention for those who lose! :p chain won once, and he ordered one of us to find him sum barbecue chicken wing since he only ate one in the afternoon... but then all the chicken wing were fin by that time... poor him XD

so we kept on playing other card games like 'turtle'...'heart attack'... thn Chung Hueng and Esther came to join us in the fun... i tell you, for almost 2 hours straight (from 8 sth till 10 sth), my room was the noisiest in the chalet. it was really really crazy!!! we all screamed and laughed like hell!!!! esp when we were playing "turtle" and "heart attack"!! very kintio!!! thn other ppl started to check out our room juz because we made all the ruckus in the chalet!!

after that me and Fion decided to take a walk outside (our mouths were still so numb from all the laughing and screaming) but were shocked that some of our classmates were drunk... n smoking..=_=''' girls summore.... vodka + heineken ... O.o''' and then sum April Intake one put on sum loud music... luckily all the time i was inside the room playing cards with my friends XD

i took my 2 in 1 nescafe with me :p and asked for hot water at the canteen there... Fion and Annabel followed suit, coz all of us wana stay up for the whole night!!! thn all 3 of us went down to the beach... sat there... and looked at the shinning stars....

damn lah!! the stars are too pretty lah ok?? i almost cried of happiness bcoz it was my first time to be on a beach at night time, first time went for a trip with my friends, and first time looking up at soooooo many pretty stars. gah! so many first time! XD

we were all enjoying the night breeze and the amazing view of the starlit sky... left to right: brennan, fion, annabel, me and dennis.

after that, so many things happen. imagine we all stayed up for the whole night.... we could do anything. here are the list of activities i had done there...

1. singing Jay Chou songs with Brian on the beach (around 10.30 pm to 11 sth)
2. danced some really crazy and weird moves with Brian and Desmond on the beach (around 11 sth till 12 sth a.m)
3. looking out for someone... (about 12 sth a.m till 1 sth)
4. played football with Dennis, Ivan, Fion (around 1.30 sth)
5. played basketball with Fion and Chain (around 2 sth)
6. sat on the stairway singing, chit chatting, playing guitar with whole bunch of my friends (fion, annabel, dennis, chain, brennan, brian, desmond, jim, ivan, and roza) .... this was the longest activity and gosh i missed that momentXD where we would just sit there and chat about anything while looking at the black sea XD
7. Jim started a camp fire not far from the resort!!!!! it was around 3 sth a.m

Jim and Ivan!!!... cant really see the fire since i used flash.

anyway, they started to tell ghost stories when everyone had their seats. gah!!!! no ghost stories for me!! esp on the beach at 3 a.m in the morning!!! what the hell?? O.o''' it'll be ok if u tell me ghost stories at day time. but 3 a.m??? O.o''' this idea freaked me and Fion out. we snuggled at a corner playing at Ivan's guitar... but thn we couldnt tahan anymore since all sides of the camp were talking diff stories in a loud way, both of us went back to the resort and started playing "2 big" agian...... Brian and Desmond came back after us and played too.... but i gave up the game early bcoz they were playing it the PRO way... which i'm still very blur @.@

and then it's 4 a.m... and we all thought that the sun will rise in anytime, aaand so we waited happily by the beach..... 4.30 was passed and gone...... some of them gave up waiting and started to play cards... while me, brian, fion, roza, ik chia and vicky chit chatting at a pondok there.

uurrrgh~~~ did you know what time does the sun finally rise up??? we waited for like 2 long hours =_=''' yea.. it was 6 thn we baru see the sky bcome bluer..

OK! time to share photos!!!
yeah~~ the dawn is breaking~~~

it's BREAKING~~~~~ i can see orange!!!!!

lol!!! chain, me, fion and annabel!!! jim is the one squatting down XD
people were waking up to see the sun rises~!

as it was still low tide, the water was so many meters away from us. and as the beach is almost flat until duno how many meters way from the land, we moved farer and farer from the resort XD and i was so damn scared that i might step on sum dead jellyfish or FISH!!! there's a big long net there u know?

we really walked till very far... about like 50 meters? XD sorrry, i'm sux at measurements :p

ignore the guy inside. see the fishing nets??? so long~~~~~ n yup...Chain found a dead fish....
i really love these 2 photos... make me feel like i'm pro..................

buahahahahaha! kidding :p i think Mr Brandon will chuck these 2 aside with i show him....

the sun!!!! me and fion were pointing it!!!!!

the tide is coming in...returning to our resort...
Jim to Wie Nie : BUahahahahah~!!! Run for your life!!!!!! XD

this scene extremely reminds me of one old poster of Back Street Boys... duno why...

the morning sun is smiling at me~~ wahahahaahahaha XD
told you i just love to take photos! anyway..people started to go down ... they didnt manage to go as far as we did since the tide was up!

thn i found one tin of Heineken on the fence...
buahahahahahahhaha!!!!! i captured it!!! buahahahahahaha


ok... all of us were satisfied with the sunrise after that, so me and fion went back to our chalet n took a short rest.... we tried to sleep but just couldn't!!!! O.o''' both of us were like lying on the bed talking with our eyes closed. XD we were too lazy to move our body or even opened up our eyes!!! the other students were already eating their breakfast, which was bee hoon. after 3
minutes of lying on bed, me moved out and grabbed our food :p

and do you know what's the next thing we did? (after eating, me n brennan n fion sang crappy songs with jim as the guitarist. we sang it random, with the lyrics sth like this: oh plz Mr William dont wake up, we don wan to hav life drawing~~ plz continue to sleep~~ dream dream~~ have a nice dream~~ lalalala~~ etc etc ..yea, we are bad XD) anyway, after that, all us jumped into the sea again!!!!!!! :D the water is back to its normal place!! haha! buahahaha

and these are my last two photos taken there
first is the sexy pose...eeeeewwwww..... =_=''''
thn is the Buddha gods pose...... WE ARE NOT HUMAN AT ALL!! WE ARE NUTS!!! :D and nuts don't sleep one right?...

ok ok, me n fion swim from 8.30 sth till 9 sth..got up...ready to get a bath..and thn we saw Chain waking up from his 1 hour sweet slumber (yeah..i got a pic of him sleeping so peacefully..muahahahahahahaha *evil grins* blackmail!!!) ..staring at us...since we were so wet from head to toe..and blamed us for not waiting for him XD so ok! all 3 of us jumped into the water again!!!!!!! told u we are not human!!! XD

n thn at 11.30 sth got ppl came to rush us pack our things. the bus had already started the engine!!!! O.o''' all of us quickly get a quick shower and rushed into our bus with our bags! buahahaha.. thn we headed back to LUCT.

well....while on the bus..most of the students slept..including me... too tired.. imagine i didnt even sleep at all..first time k?? haha! nice experience though. this trip had actually taught me many things.. get to know my frens better... n learn how to take and accept certain things :)

aaaaahh~~~ how i wish there will be another trip like this in the future XD but now, more assignments were given straight after we got back from the trip! what the?? O.o'''

need to start my engine again and full speed ahead liaw :D

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