Siar Beach Trip pt 1

people!! i'm still alive~~~!!!!!!

:D these few days were just fully packed with assignments and activities PLUS! A FUN TRIP TO SIAR BEACH!!!!!! :D :D :D

actually it was supposed to be a trip for only Feb Intake GD students, in other word, my class lah. but i really wanted to know how did the April Intake one heard about the trip and followed us there in the end. :p so about 100 students were doing all sorts of random things on the beach on Monday and Tuesday.

eventhough it was a 'gate away' from our daily rush hour at the campus, we were still given assignment to do on the beach. exam summore.. what the..?? luckily it was Sal's assignment, Analytical Drawing. so both me and Fion quickly finished the test and jumped into the sea! weee~~~~ *yea yea, mom kept tellin me NOT to swim in the sea in fear of the jellyfish....*

as usual, i'm gona post ALL of the photos taken there and let the photos speak for themselves. muahahahaha...

we used 2 buses. and arrived there around 11 sth. the first thing when i got off the bus was putting my bags aside, thn start strolling on the beach with Fion. the 2 guys in the photos were Brennan and Desmond, checking out the place. there are many paya bakau at the left side of the beach...

COCONUT TREES!!! btw, i'd seen a sign on one of the coconut trees, warning us not to stand underneath it, in case of..u know... you'll be a very poor Newton successor....

i was going to ask Fion to take my own photo but then these guys squeezed themselves in too XD they are all my classmates, CRAZY classmates. left to right : Dennis (our class hottest), Calvin (only one not from my class), Ivan ( a 24 yrs old dude), Chain (him ah?... *sigh*... just prepare urself for sum really 'kek tiok' conversation when u're wif him :p) .. the one under me is Brennan (class rep) and the blue shirt guy is Desmond (a serious athlete)

and then Fion wanted us to make sum poses...... =_='''

after that we started to explore around the beach again...and FOUND THIS FRIGGRIN DISGUSTING DEAD JELLYFISH!!!!

the guys thn flipped it over using a stick.... that is Ivan's hand btw...

the guys... doing horrible stuff to the horrible dead creature....
anyway, we reached the other side of the beach where the water is clearer and calmer... lotsa paya bakau around...
finally, u guys can see Fion's face!
and my turn!! with Ivan!! big bro!!!
i continued to explore around and found a cool spot to take pictures.. n this guy suddenly went into the frame XD
guess who's tat guy :p

ok, next we walked back to the small resort. ... and found another creature laying dead on the shore...
it's a sting ray.... poor thing....

when we got up to the resort. i took photos again~! :D snap snap snap! and all my frens want me to post their photos =_='''
do you see a gate at the end there?/ there's a staircase leading down to the sandy beach. most of us just sat there for almost the whole night (yeah, we didnt sleep) gazing up at the stars and singing and chit chatting.
Fion and Dennis!!!! :D
Dennis and Chain~!!! acting cool! buahahaha! they are both from Miri, are room mates, and love to kacau ppl one! same species!
Ivan.... with his guitar~! :D

after that we were given task to find an organic object to draw. must hav 3 different viewof the object. n of coz, everyone went down to the beach to look for their victim! XD

me. roza, fion, annabel, and annis! :D looking for shells!
and i tell you now first that my classmates are a bunch of crazy weirdos.
Cheng Ping (i think tat's his name, owez firgit his! muaha). me and Sze Hao. yeah~ coca cola~

thn Chain came over with his Drawing block... swt... his drawing block was in danger!!

all 3 of us are like buddies now. bo pien, we are the same crazy species too...

both Dennis and Ican found their victims and wanted me to take photo of them...
Dennis got a small crab while Ivan got a big crabby's hand. dont ask me what happen to the crab.

a very random pose that me and Fion could think of.

oooh~ i love this erm.. wood???

having walking to every corner of the beach. we all went back to start our assignment. me, fion and chain even agreed to finish the drawing by 4 pm and quickly rush into the sea after that. Fion finished first. she was drawing coconut (actually me too, but i changed to draw a spiky sheel instead). i drew 5 views of my shell. and then we went to visit Chain... he was just fin drawing the outlines of his small coconut.... hav i told u that he is famous for his slow speed? XD well, he is slow, when drawing. but, the result is really good!!!! i'm really amazed by his work at times! anyway, back to topic. we told him that we had fin ours. he checked the time, thn told us "10 minutes. 10 minutes' i'll finish them all" .... me and Fion wore the face as if saying "yeah right" and continue playing around the small resort. after 15 minutes, we went back to Chain.. n he's still shading his 2nd coconut... ... ... ... buahahahahaha! XD so me and Fion just jumped into the water without waiting for him. poor him :p

but he did get to swim in the end, b4 the night falls XD

and we had dinner!!!
barbecue chicken and curry rice and tauge and watermelons!!!!!!! yummy!!! :D
the guys are barbecuing hot dog!!! :D n tat's Brian in the pic!

Dennis wana feed his food to my cam.
while Ivan... he just loves making weird faces.. =_='''

i love taking photos and they love being models.

and ok!!! i shall call it a break here!! i;m tired from all the typing and waiting (for the images to upload) ~.~ plus now the weather is rather humid.....

plz stay tune for the part 2... more photos and words to share... muahahahahahhaahha

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Michellious said...

Oooh, Dennis looks cute. ;p

Even better, he's from Miri too! Same same here. XD

BTW, hi. =) It's my first time commenting on your blog. The name's Michelle (prefered to be called Michellious. Heehee!). Your blog's cool~ And I love art too. You inspire me. =D