Arigatou Gozaimashita :D

actually i have nothing to blog about today, just that i wana inform you guys that the bubbly eichi-chan is BACK!!! :D Nyaaaaaaaaa~~~ everything is fine now and i love how my group's progress XD today i'm giving myself and them a rest day~! REST!!!! :D n yup, i'll still continue with the fashion show thingy no matter how busy i am coz.. it's my chance to show off my designs man~~~ it's gona be a big show XD

alright, so people, no need to worry about me as i kinda feel guilty when you guys comforted me ^.^''' but thanks alot though. thanks for the care and I LOVE YOU ALL~!!! muacks~~~ XD

and it's Maple Story time~ >:D i'm in level 21 already! buahahahaha~!

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