i love Nescafe. really. for me the night is still very young at the moment. nyaaaaaaa :D

lots and lots of final assignments are coming. and just this morning we were informed of the new final which is Life Drawing one.... we need to draw 6 images of the same place but with diff views on an AO size illustration board. dateline? 31st May. shite lah, so many finals. aaarrgh~~ X.X and one should be handed in this Friday. the damn Sarawak sculpture thing.

and I HATE DOING MODELS!!! O.O'' i'm learning graphic design! not model building! i sux at doing models u know? since primary school, where we were asked to do sth out of a cardbox? and man... mine was so so so so crappy while my friends' ones were all so so so so nice and perfect. sigh... after this model, there will be another model to do for the Integrated Project. the most important final ever in this semester. celaka ~.~ n u didnt see what i just wrote. but it's oklah..i mean, at least i got sumthings to rush, instead of going to FanFiction, Youtube, DeviantArt, animesource, Flikr etc everytime...

anyway, went to Senso this morning with Brennan, Jim, Desmond and Wie Nir. took pictures of the interior there for our Life Drawing final. i still need to find other places though... i'd like to draw some torn down building...muahahahahaaahhaah. well, the photos i took at Senso (neh, the latest, modern, cool pub/club located inside Hilton) are all very nice :D n you're wondering how come we could simply take photos in there? XD well, bcoz Brennan's is friend of the tauke inside. buahahahaha~ thnx bro (oh yea, he is my brother, since both of us share the mood randomness and crazyness) .

ohohohoho~ nice right? these are just some of the pics i took. i even went to the guys wash room..hyukhyukhyuk. i'm not a pervert. i just need weird places to draw.

kyaaaaa~~~ XD i cant believe i post them up here~! buahahahahaha! but William sed they are boring.... boo..

and after that Brennan drove us to the airport..too many people.. n too modern to draw. don't like. thn we went to St Joseph church... alright, this was my FIRST time go into a church. i'd never been in one before... and honestly... i felt weird and a bit uneasy when i was inside the church. no offense to christians X.X it's just what i felt.. maybe i'm used to Tua Pek Gong more... :p

aaaand after that we ran out of idea of where to go next :p so we just headed back to the campus.
i hate doing models. >.< gaaaaah~~ i spent my whole afternoon cutting th edamn hard board with my group members! gah!!!! n i'm so worried of it! what if the lecturers hate the finishing sculpture??? O.o''' but what can i do? i wasn't born a pro model-ler (self created word)

anyway, starting to watch a new anime today, called Darker thn Black. well.. i'm still abit confused with the storyline but the graphics are good. quite realistic if compared to Elfen Lied... yeah.. i don't like tat anime even though it's so bloody. in Darker thn Black there are diff kinds of people. people who has special powers that only live to KILL!!! people who only has their soul remain that live in a man made human body. and thn the ordinary people just like us.... i like the main character (the person who has special powers, called Contractors) named Hei... not becoz of his looks (he's not as handsome as Natsume at all), but bcoz of his personality. i like one of his saying "Contractors are all liars and fake." cool... well, now our society is full of people like contractors anyway. even sumtimes i have to fake myself. bwahahahahaha~ :D so for those who wana try sume serious anime with nearly no humor at all, try Darker than Black. i only watched the 1st episode though..... :p

N I'D WATCHED GOKUSEN!!! :D the live action drama one!!! :D and almost fell in love with Matsumoto Jun! the one who played Shin inside the drama! wakakaakkaka! yala, i almost fell in love but i managed to stop myself. :p i dont wan myself to go crazy over cute guys. Kurosaki Ichigo and Allen Walkerare exceptions , coz they are not real XD anyway, Gokusen is worth a watch. it teaches lots of moral values inside, n the teacher is damn cool! :D it only has 12 epi n it took me just one night to fin them all! buahahahaha!

okay, i'd sed what i wana say. hehe. so bye bye! still got guy fashion to do. oooo~ i'm sux at designing guy's clothes! i need help from Adrian! waakakaka~~

see you and wish me all the best! :D


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