my brain's kinda feeling numb. BATIK!!!!

i'm somehow disappointed with my group's sculpture design. i mean, it could be better.

you know that i want and trying to be best.

oh well, u'll gain sumthing when u lost sumthing. guess maybe i'll gain in the next final.

I AM AN 'A' ADDICT!!! O.o'' oh no! *bangs head on the screen* get-bang-that-bang-thought-bang-off-bang-my-bang-mind!!! i don wana be too greedy~!

i'm learning i'm learning! to take them easily!!! YOSH~~

and i dont like ppl tellin me tat my friends are my competitor. yea. he/she is better thn me at sum drawing styles/etc, but they are NOT my enemy neither my competitor. they are my friends~! :D duno y during last week got 3 ppl determined my 'enemy' for me oledy. *sob sob*

and i think i'm having a writer-block now. MOSQUITOES KEEP BITING ME!!! O.O''''

randomness ruless btw :)


Hana said...

haha just cont be an 'A' addict...its good...if u lyk sumthg, give it ur very best shot!!! i'm also the same in certain thgs. If its my passion or talent, I have to absolutely make sure its perfect and stuff or I wun be satisfied and grumble whole day lolz. Ure the best! U go girl! seriously, I'll be waiting for your 'eiChi' designer clothes =) I know u can do it cuz ure one of the most determined person I've ever met, honest. My family also very awed with u, win so many competitions and stuff hehe. so keep on going and all the best to u!

eiChi said...

aww... i'm so touch T_T thnx for the support hannah! :D yup! i'll forever do my best!!!!! XD