Yesterday was Mother's Day. I bought her carnations with my self-earned money. Those who've read my blog since the beginning would know how strong my mother is, for she is strong enough to fight off one of the deadliest women's enemy in the world . I still haven't done enough for her. It will never be enough, because she is forever the best mother and i'm forever one of her proud daughters :)

Happy Mother's Day, mum :D

actually alot had happened yesterday. went out with my mum and sis. went to Karaoke with my sis and cousin at PopWave. oh yea, it's been a looooooooooooooooooong time since i sing whole-heartedly, and i'm going to dig Jolin Tsai's songs~! buahahahaha~

and i'm doing suicide and pink ribbon and maybe, just maybe, a bra. in just these 2 weeks :)

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