never ending coffee

shit lah. i feel so random right now. guess Faye's dad is right. students in college are getting more random nowadays. and i'm a good example of it.

who told me to drink coffee again eh? now it feels like 7 in the morning, eventhough it's almost 12 a.m. my family members told me not to drink too much coffee, but what to do? finals are here. if i keep sleeping for like 6 hours everyday, i'm doom. oh btw, i just found out today that i got A+ for my Creative Studies final, the canvas one. yay~! i reached my target :D but i dont think the sculpture will be good like that. O.O''' eeesh, i'm at it again.

was preparing for the presentations . one for moral, one for comm studies. moral : presenting about a current moral issue and create a campaign poster/video. comm studies : a movie review.... moral : i'm choosing SUICIDE!!! yay :D it's a group work btw. n this is the poster i made.
YEAH PEOPLE~ don't go suicide ah!
n it's a cincai work. i did it last minute at the school's com lab. n wonder y i did it usin the school's com? it's because my poor PC couldnt even support me to do graphics work anymore. n i was like, WHAT THE F*UK?? O.o''' i seriously need to reformat my PC and upgrade it. i've been saying this since last year. aaaarrgh~~ but then all my frens who are skilled in this PC stuff are either busy or in NS. poor me. n poor PC. eh Kat Yeong, since u're back, help me la...T_T

as for the comm studies, i'm doing The Devil Wears Prada. i'd switched alot of movies b4 this. at first i chose NIght At the Museum, but found it quite erm... boring to present? i duno, just dont feel like it. thn i thought about Lady in the Water...difficult to present. Harry Potter..too common, even though i LOVE it best. Back to the Future.. but which series? and each series has so many happenings, even harder to present. Death Note... will my classmates understand it? o.o''' in the end i felt so furious until i realised i still like one movie, which is The Devil Wears Prada. weee~~~~ CHANEL~~ Kelvin Clein~~~ Dolle and Gabanna~~~ :D i remember the storyline well, except for the climax part, i'm still confused with it. but who cares? it's my movie review, i tell people what i feel about the movie :p buahahahahaha

and Mr William is finally BACK! O.o'' not that i miss him or anything, bleh~ it's just that he was away for 3 long days and all of our finals were stuck, because we need his approval b4 starting the real the thing!!! O.O'' n 3 long days wasted. well, not really wasted lah.. at least i have 3 long days to relax and play maple abit. lol!!!!! XD n i was so stupid that i bought a guy's clothes in maple without realising gals cant wear guy's clothes inside maple, unlike the real world! n tat guy's shirt costs me about 9000 meso! WTF??! X.X

anyway, so he was back. my group showed him the sketches, hoping that he would choose sth easy to do ..like a bra XD well ya, we actually draw bras. batik bras! XD but he chose bag/tote in the end. and oh no...tat means we need to do a real bag! how am i suppose to know how to sew a bag?? O.o''" i mean, if we were to do a very modernized batik bag with sliver leather or sth lidat, how are we suppose to sew it? =_= i need help from LV or Prada. pheww~ this is quite a challenge =_= and nvm, i promise you guys that my group will produce the BEST! XD well..i hope. now i still feels so impossible for us to make out a decent looking batik bag.

heck! where's the ADIDAS spirit?? O.o'' nothing is impossible man~~~~ just wait and see. my target is A. n if better, A+!!!

another final. which is life drawing. i told u guys before right? i'm gona draw Senso. ooooh~ there's one photo i took which is very very challenging. the one which has many transparent glass inside one. ah ah... both lecturers sed if i nail that pic thn it shouldnt be a problem for me to get an A. i better start with it soon =_= n i might need Chain's tutorial of drawing things in a detail way XD

ok..so these are what happens during the past few days. preparing presentations and finals... i still manage to cope with them well. hopefully all my planing will go on smoothly without any problem. well if there really is a problem i'll solve it anyway :)

gaah~ i cant wait for the holidays to start so that i can hang around with my old school mates again :)


YeonG said...

hahazz.. eh.. not bad leh.. still got my name in your blog.. hehezz!! anyway, your creative skills ah.. really impressive la!!.. so envy you.. eichi, i think u better get a laptop for yourself la.. it's time for your to get a laptop? easy to be brought to anywhr u like ma. and the price now is quite cheap ler.. =)

eiChi said...

laptop? expensive oso leh XD haha! see first lah :p maybe will buy one by the end of the year :p