oh! the Monkey's Head!

oh my.. instead of drawing 10 sketches of batik bags, i ended up drawing 10 sketches of fan art. O.O''''

ok ok, not that i didn't do my sketches. it's that, i lacked of ideas for bags so i sketch fan art first. after that i started to sketched my bag..thn a fan art.. thn a bag .. thn a fan art. n in the end, i produced 10 sketches of batik bags and 10 sketches of D.Gray-man and Gakuen Alice. =_='''

oh why oh why mr.William wants us to design bags??? it is so hard for us to think of a unique and innovative one!!! the biggest criteria for this FINAL (yes, it's the most important final) is 'Innovation'. and how am i going to innovate a bag? i'm not Gucci, i'm eiChi! (hey, it rhymes..) whatever... sister had given me one great idea..but i doubt Mr. William will think it is unique of innovative enough... wonder what he really wants....

and Happy Belated Birthday to my sista~! :D yesterday was her 25th birthday (oh my... she's one year older..huakhuakhuakhuak) oh~! for those who just knew me, this is my sista~!
and she's unavailable.

so sorry sis that i didnt give you any present yesterday.... unless u considered my 1.30 a.m msg as a present :p i actually wana do some graphic cards n send to you but alas, no time X.X

anyway, besides my sis, 3 of my friends are also having the same birthday as hers. it's Ooitche, Milton and Wan Hui~!!! :D :D yay~! lets cheer for 3 of them~! they are officially 18 years old!!! :D *clap clap clap* and yeah, I WENT OUT WITH MY OLD SCHOOL MATES YESTERDAY~!!!! :D oh gosh i was so happy when they asked me out! XD they were having a small birthday party for Wanhui at the Satok Hartz Chicken, and gosh i miss them so much XD only a few were there though. Diana, Siang Ling (she never change..this gal..), Cindy, Aylwin, and of coz~ WanHui~! the birthday girl :D we took pictures together but i havnt upload them into my com. maybe later :)

most of my friends are leaving Kuching soon, coz they got the JPA scholarship :) Aylwin and Wan Hui are going to UK. Siang Ling and WenLi go US. Ruth and Milton go India (plus Hilary from 5J, he's going there too XD ). Cai Yan goes... i cant remember the destination :p and some of them starting Form 6 already... Fanny, Terrence, Jason..ahahahaha~ they are going to meet Mr Ang and Mr. Koo again! :D anyway, we promised to hang out again b4 end of this month, coz Cindy is leaving to Melaka soon. sob.. everyone from 5I is slowly parting their ways to pursue their dreams. wonder what will become to everyone of us after 5 years time :)

and i'm having a running nose now! aaaaah~! dont run away~!!!! XD and i still had assignments to be completed. here, i shall list them down to let u see :p

Life Drawing Final: draw 6 different angles of a same place on a bigger-than-AO-size illustration board.
due date : 8th June 07

it's not easy. shading n so on. on a BIG illustration board some more. i SHOULD drawing now =_='''

Final Integrated Project : yaya...batik bag. 15 more sketches with colour need to be completed. make and sew out the bag that we designed and finalised. make a journal, complete with research and ideas development ( the more the better). make an AO size concept board. and the final presentation..which is on 11th June 07.

ah... i need more coffee X.X and hannah.. sorry ah.. cant help you with the banner at the moment. need to wait until i finish those 2 finals (which will be heaven if i completed them) thn i can help you with it. sorry ya ^.^'''

oklah, i gtg! lunch time! and maybe i should let you enjoy my D.Gray-man fanart! ha! XD i finally can draw Lavi without making him looks weird~! :D

DGM - Allen Walker by ~eiChi17 on deviantART

DGM - Crown Clown by ~eiChi17 on deviantART

DGM - Lavi by ~eiChi17 on deviantART

DGM - Leenali by ~eiChi17 on deviantART

and i failed to draw Kanda...


Farris said...

*insert le evil laughing dans here*

Happy b-days to them peoples!!
Wow, neat sketches! ALas we should be working on that darned final thingie... *sobs on your shoulder*

eiChi said...

final..... AARGH~~~
*continues sobbing* T_T

**~aMyt盈盈~** said...

hey, cool draws!! haha!!!