buahahahaha~!!!!! my streamyx is back!!! must thnx a million to my sis's friend - Bernard Koko. he helped to fix my streamyx this evening!!! buahahahahahaha~!!!! i owe alot to him XD coz no internet no life! wahahahahahahaha

*surfs youtube, fanfiction, deviantart, club bleach forum, anime source, bleach exile etc etc*

Nyahahahahahahahahahahaha~~~ *hugs computer tightly*

no more hiatus!!! wakakakaka~!

but the sad thing is, the uncle that reformat my compy didnt install Illustrator for me, damn.... now i need to search the whole campus for somebody who got the CD.... many of them just download themselves n crack it. if only i knew how to crack... Farris taught me about the keygen (key generator) today, n honestly i'm still abit blur and doubt that i'd find a decent keygen on the net. XD

oh well, better buy it at Kenyalang... =_=

btw, i made my first music video (aiyah, not the professional, singer type one. but the crappy one) yesterday when i got nth to do with my compy... what do u expect? no internet, no illustrator, only has photoshop... so i just 'made out' with my new version of movie maker XD (yea, i fall in love with it). the movie maker i had in my old compy last time was..totally useless. period.

enjoy my video, entitled 'my form 5 life'. i made this out of boredom, didnt really put much effort in it.. just stuff wadever form 5 photos inside it, add in some effects, that's all. and oh! must pay attention to the song i use! :D i'm totally addicted to this japanese song now!!!! Kukui - Hikari no Rasenritsu it's the ending song for Rozen Maiden : Traumend. nice anime too! must watch it :D it's abit boring at the first few episodes but when the show goes on... yeah.... it got more n more excited! XD

okok, the video. and it's rude to laugh at a noob's work XD

ah.. i miss those moments :)

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