make it more interesting

my Life Drawing final 'working place' :p at my living room

and i'm 60 ++% done! weeee~~~~ XD
yes!! i need music while drawing the sickening thing!! XD my Nokia 5330!!! yay~~ had been listening to the same track almost for the whole day.. which song? of coz is Hikari no Rasenritsu!! i'm really addicted to the song! :D


Daniel!!! here's the video you want!!! :D buahahahahaha!

ok, they are all actually practising a play for the Teacher's Day celebration. i know nothing about the summary of the play as i just been there for a few minutes. but hey! it must be sth about students and teachers right? go ask Daniel or Kat Yeong urself XD

casting - Daniel as a.. erm.. an idiot..this is what he told me tat dau =_=''' Kat Yeong as the one reading magazine. Gordon as the sleepy one. and our Ee Hung as the Ang+Koo physics teacher XD
buahahahahahahahaha~!!! too bad my dad came early to fetch me, or else i'd stay there and watch the entire show :p


this is the original character. eg, Suiseisuki from Rozen Maiden
and this is the cosplay.

this is the original character, Sasuke, from Naruto.
and this is the cosplay

this is the original character, Allen Walker from D.Gray-man
this is the cosplay

and this is the cosplay of L and Raito, both from Deathnote..

this is Kadaj from Final fantasy Advent Children
aaaaand this is the cosplay
and the cosplayer are ALL the SAME person named Jesuke (just a screen name) from Singapore. oh gawd i admire her.. O.O''' I WANA COSPLAY AS GOOS AS HER!!!! AAAAAAHHH!!!! and she's rich! where did she get all those costumes???? O.o''''

*dies~* i have never cosplayed b4.... *sobs*.....

another conclusion... asians are always the best cosplayer XD not the westerns :p well..maybe they fit to cosplay spiderman or superman......


time to sleep. :D


Parasite Farris said...

Whoa, you're like the thing that couldn't stop dawing awesome stuff. *pokes*

Nice cosplays! She's probably a rich bastard from Ouran. Hahaha.

Michellious said...

ZOMG, you're REALLY REALLY good with drawing. *three thumbs up* You're my inspiration. ^_^

Haha, and I agree - asians are always the best at Cosplay. XD

eiChi said...

@farris: yes she IS!! =_= rich bastard XD

@michellious : ah..thnx for the compliment :D i guess u're also intetrested in graphics :)