yay~ it's busy time!

well... how should i put this- aaaarrrgh~~ i need to buy a new keyboard because the 'i' only comes out after i kick/punch/slam it multiple times..... anyway, back to what i'm going to say.

i'm a multi-tasker.

and i need to thank quite a lot of people.

in chinese we call them as "gui ren". if direct translation it means ' expensive people' :p well..they are the people who help and benefits you lah... i've been given a graphics designer job at a local company, taking charge of all the graphics work including advertisement and product designs. the boss's wife is actually my sis's friend, she kinda intro me to her husband :) so now i'll be paid monthly for the job, yay! and gain experience too!! and so i must thank my sis's friend - sis Suk Mei for giving me such wonderful opportunity to 'expose' myself towards the world of graphics business.. and also keep myself busy and upgrade my skill :D

and thn this morning i was supposed to settle some money business at the admin office but ended up being offer another opportunity to 'expose' myself to the design world :D everyone knows about the Rainforest Music Festival right? and the Sarawak Tourism board actually asked LUCT to design some t-shirts for the event so that they can sell it to the tourists on the festival. Champion picked Natasha first, as he said he'd seen her illustration work and think she's fit for this role. as for her partner, he was thinking of calling the big koko or big sis from Sem 4/5 to do it. instead, the lecturers recommend me to him, so i was chosen O.O''' so me and Natasha@Yan will be going for a meeting tomolo about the t-shirt thing with the Sarawak Tourism ppl.... ooooo.... i'm going to do like what a professional does... well... i hope. so here again i must thank all the lecturers who recommended me for this job, expecially sis Helena (yeah, another friend of my sis. they were classmates at LUCT last time) and Champion XD sis Helena was the first to say my name... well..this is what i heard from one of the admins :p

so it turns out that i need to give the biggest thanks to my sis!! yay!!! without her i wouldnt be knowledgeable like now. i wouldnt be exposing myself towards the design industry. and i wouldnt be having difficulties in multi-tasking because i learn from her and have experiences. i'm not showing off or what, but the truth is, i do know more about design thn the others of my age, and i still continue gaining the knowledge. most of them wonder why i bought graphics books (most of them went to magazino to buy entertainment mag/ fashion mag). they would say "u just see the pictures inside if u buy one". well.. yeah. i see the picture, and study it, and read the article, and learn from it. now u see why i buy graphics books :) (i'm not buying it daily lah. my bank will be broke if i did that. i always wait for the promotion day. u see, Magazino always got certain days that certain LATEST graphics books will be selling in half price :) RM 50 bcome RM 25. RM 80 become RM 40. and they are from countries like USA/Canada/Aussie. they worth a buy. so far i'd collected 4)

and so i wish someone from my group will learn how to act her age and be more mature =_=''' she's a few yrs older thn me, but acts like a spoiled child... :( we are in a group. to be fair i have to give everyone work to do.she slacked off, sleep/watching TV. we have 2 finals in hand, and one have to be handed in this Friday, so i asked her to finish that one first b4 she started doing another one (which is quite an easy task, only there;s a lot to do). as i sed, she slacked off, until she doesnt hav time to finish both, and so she complains and blamed me for that, bhind my back. this is just part of the story. in short, she doesnt act her age and complains alot. life isnt always smooth, lady =_=""" if u wana get the job done and get an A, dont complain. if it was u who cause the trouble, dont blame others. i'm just doing my job as a leader. anyway, in the end i took her job back n do it myself :) i'm not angry at her. in fact i laughed when i knew about it XD i mean... gosh... she's older than me XD hope she'll learn though :)

in the end, i got more job to do :p but that's ok, i love to keep myself busy, or else i'll just glue myself infront of PC and hug the internet tightly, which later make me feel empty by the end of the day :p

i'm glad to be a multi-tasker :D

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Michellious said...

Are you cool or are you just COOL?!

LOL.. Congrats on that graphic designing job and the Sarawak Rainforest Festival T-shirt designing thing! You're so darn lucky! ^_^ All the best, Eichi! Chellious will be cheering you on always!

Your biggest fan,