midnight post

a new love is discovered!! :D

MUSE - black holes & revelations
hohohhohohoho~~ i love their songs so much~! it's not too rock but not too soft. some songs are weird. I LIKE!!!! yeah~! i missed out their concert at Malaysia last year... oh well.. i didnt even know their songs until Mr William mentioned about them this year... so.. if they are going to held another one here in the future, i'm SO wana go!!! XD

*prays hard* i want to go to Gorrilaz/Muse/LinkinPark/JayChou concerts.... oh plz oh plz~~


holiday is meant to have fun. my mum and sis is going to fly to australia for 10-days vacation next week, leaving me and dad at home. as my dad goes to work from 9 am to 7 pm, tat means i dominate the house. but if i stay at home and do nothing is also such a waste of time, plus boring. well i just cant sit infront of my pc all day. my mum somehow sense i'm gona do sth so she warned me beforehand to not simply go out and let the house unoccupied. but hey~ there is Meeko right? *Meeko is our dog btw* Meeko will look after the house :D or maybe i should invite frens to come to my house, but they will only be chased by mosquitoes...better dont put their life in danger XD

musings musings musings... ah....what should i do for those 10 days?......


mamamia~ so many ppl have been reading my blog lately. family, friends, friends' friends, their freinds, even lecturers and strangers.... omg O.O''' even when you type "eiChi"in the Google search, the first link that appears on the first page is my blog!!!! this is turning freaky!

well at first i didnt feel freaky at all. i knew about the google thing since last year. but now, i suddenly feel insecure whenever i wana blog... i cant really blog what i want, you see? now i have to think twice or thrice b4 i started a post. n sometimes i need to re-edit it just to make sure i didnt write any sensitive or provocative things.. aaahhhh....

so sorry that i'm not KennySia or XiaXue XD

i still always welcome you to my blog :D no worries


and this is the end of random post.
i know i know. i look too cute but u cant cubit me! buahahahaha XD

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Sabrina87 said...

Is that really you? Very cute leh. feel like pinching !!! haha