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wohooo~~ there are so many things that i wana blog about!!! O.O''" are u guys ready for my rather long post?? XD well whatever, i still gona blog one long post anyway~ *whispers* damn! it's been a long time that i can blog heartily! muahahahaha*

maybe i'll list them down one by one. from the old one to the latest!

1. Brennan (nii-san), Yen (partner), and Jim (hubby, lol! joking XD) all came to my house on Monday and Tuesday!!! now what were they doing in my house again? oh yea, they want to learn Photoshop and Illustrator. well... actually Yen was the only one how is so eager to learn... Brennan knows some of photoshop oledy so he took it as a revision... while Jim.. well.. he's just here for fun =_=''' i taught them for free though, coz they are my buddies at LUCT~! n Brennan is like.. my driver everytime XD what to do? we are brother and sister bah! n brother should always send their sis home.. hyu hyu hyu~~~
L to R : Brennan, Yen and Jim....

btw.. Jim n Brennan used my com to search some.. erm...you-know-what-stuff. Yen just happily doing her first CG. she was sooooo happy i tell you, when i taught her XD

2. remember i mentioned here about the Rainforest thingy? well, on Wed's evening Mr Maurice (one of the person who in charge of the t-shirt) called me and told me they picked both of Yen's design.. while mine.. ah.. sort pf rejected =_=''' and wanted us to go for a meeting on Thur morning. ok. i was abit sad, amused, and pissed off when i knew that not even one of my design was chosen.... sad. bcoz they werent chosen. amused bcoz, how come? :D pissed off bcoz, in the last meeting they sed that my designs are for children. O.O''' *toot* man! i dare them to go to CoolMax or Radioactive or etc and tell the manager in the face that :" oo, arent these designs are meant for children? why are they in adult size?" XD oh well... i was just abit pissed off. dont worry, i'm not that harsh O.O'''

so during the Thur meeting, i did ask Mr Maurice why mine arent chosen. well.. i just wana know the reason. Mr Maurice is a very cute and friendly man :) i like him! he told me.. :" *sigh*.. u know la... old school people...." actually he was also quite upset about it :p as he likes my orang utan design also :p so i told him to save my designs for future use :p at that moment, as long as i get t he money thn i'll be satisfied. dont care about the designs anymore XD

but when me and Yen reached back to the campus, Nikki (our campus current 'big head') rushed down to us and told us that she had a dinner with the 'big head' of STB the other night, and he/she praised our work..in fact, he'she loves the orang utan so much tat he/she decided to print the t-shirt using his/her own money. just 200 copies of the Orang Utan t-shirt, limited edition.. even though the actual plannin was only to print 2 designs....now mine will be in also.. limited edition summore~~~ ooh yeah~~~ XD besides, we (me and Yen)

- will be given free tickets to the Rainforest Music Festival
- will be having a press conference soon (OMG~! press conference~!! O.O''' sh*t!!!)
- will be given some kind of like.. acknowledgment cert ??? good for our portfolios XD
- will be given free of our designed t-shirts
- will be paid!!!! $.$ RM XXX per design!!!!! weeeee~~~~ XD
- will be working with STB for any merchandise design in the future. sort of like a contract =_='''' but MONEY~!!! $.$!!!! i;m gona save them all for my Bangkok trip this end of year!!!!

btw, the STB allows us to post our design on our website..but without the Rainforest logo la... so here they are.
buahahaha~! i'll give u the sneak peek only! XD the black ones are designed by Yen, while all the whites are designed by me. and the photoshop n illustrator job? me did them all :D so they chose the first design for the merchndise. the one with the hornbill for volunteers, n one of my Orang Utans for limited edition. yeah~!! b sure to get them when u guys go there XD

3. and do you guys (old readers) still remember tat i joined the STB drawing competition b4? entitled "Sarawak My Paradise". the top 3 artworks for both categories were printed as postcard, plus the artwork of Best Tourism award. so altogether 7 diff postcards.

as i couldnt find my print throughout the whole city (i only saw other contestants one), i asked for it during my meeting with Mr Maurice at the STB centre. n he gladly helped me searched for it. he searched for quite a long time, determined to find mine. but in the end, he only gave me 6 copies of the other contestants. he sed :" sorry lah eiChi, urs too popular. we have no more left for ur printss" O.O'''' ok...... he also told me that actually these postcards are only for overseas, that's y i couldnt find them in Kuching... so.. that means... the ang mohs love my artwork!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D i bet mine is too colourful to be ignored XD my dad doubt that they even printed out my artwork. but hey! Elysia got a Sarawak brochure that has our artwork postcard's thumbnail on it, n mine is in the middle!!!! :D yay~~ mine is too catchy! yay~~
*in case u forgot how my artwork looks like*

see see~! my concept was corret. coz you see, during the competition, we needed to go through a serious interview session from the judges b4 we proceed to the final stage. the judge asked me during the interview :" which part of ur artwork that u think will attract the foreigners if it's placed overseas?" n the answer tat popped up in my head straight away was 'the colours'. ok.. it may sounded unprofessional. XD but this was my explanation to him. 'the colours itself of my artwork will attract the foreigners from afar. n the colours will bring them towards my artwork and get to see the beauty of Sarawak when they are up close enjoying the colours. for me, colours is a very strong factor for everything'. oooh yeah~ XD i know my artwork well!!!!

weeeeeeee~~~ i'm so happy that mine is the 'best-selling' but still a bit sad coz i couldnt get my hands on one :p

4. when i first joined LimKokWing and knew about the ambassadors thing, my first thought was, uh no, i'm not gonna be one. i'll just concentrate on my studies and tat's all. alas, who knows that my crazy and friendly personality founds their way into the 'new ambassadors list' without me knowing it. really.. i know about 70% of the LUCT kuching students oledy O.o''' from my class to the architecture/ID class..thn the April intake ones (man, we crap like hell!).. thn the Sem 2 to Sem 3 students.... i just happened to mingle around well with them O.o'''' if i have nth to do at the campus, i'll just hop from one class to the other and in the process knowing even more ppl. sumtimes i even go to the boys/girls hostels nearby n kacau my friends XD buahahahahaha~!!! i also fool around with the lecturers..hiakhiakhiak..n thn i joined quite a lot of activities.... just to have fun. i really never thought of becoming an ambassador.. until.....

on Thur, Amber called to have a meeting at the campus. i thought it was about the fashion club thingy so i went. little did i know that it was for the upcoming July intake orientation thing. n i'm in charged of food section together with Jim n Brennan (at first she placed me at Games section.. but i switched =_=''') well i was like "what?? O.o'''" bcoz usu these are the ambassadors' job! oh well anyways, i'll helped out XD

n thn Johan suddenly came in and told us to come this morning as the Kuching Town students are coming for a visit/workshop. "all the ambassadors..all of you must to be here to mingle around with the KT students". "i'm not the ambassador right...? so i no need to- " " ALL of you must come" "ok....." yare yare... "welcome to the ambassador life" is what Yen told me after that.....

but i heard we are gona get paid in the end of year... not bad also.. money again..... muahahaha~! n it's really fun to mix around with the seniors. everytime we hang around, surely i;m the youngest in the group XD buaha! youngest.... i;m gona be 18 soooooooon....... *hints hints*

5. so this morning we went to campus expecting the KT studenst to come at 9. but ended recied the news that they will only be coming at 2pm. wtf.... whole morning wasted.... we were actually planning to crash Brennan's house when the lecturers halted us and gave us work to do. well.. misc. work. u know Universities love to sent all sorts of letters regarding the University to students from secondary schools all over kuching? yeah, we were doing that. some in charge of folding the letters..some stuff the letters inside the envelope...some got worse job like writing address on every envelope. we folded and stuffed and wrote ALOT O.O'''' n thn we went for lunch at KFC n accidentally left out Jim... oh wel...we 'tapao' for him still :p

finaly the KT students arrived and the first student tat came down from the bus was one of my juniors at my previous art tuition, who is very VERY naughty during the tuition n always called me "shi jie". but i heard that he's one of the top ranked prefect and the president for the Interact Club of his school O.o''' not bad. (p/s, wenli. if ur reading this, the guy i'm toking about is the one u sed look like 'Jiu Kong' alot one) well, i wasnt surprised to see him bcoz i was expecting it oledy XD (since i know he's from KT, n he does art) he was surprised though, coz he thought i was at the KL punya LUCT.

anyways, 25 students were there. the first session of the whole activity was talks from various lecturers. the students were very shy throughout the whole session. when Johan n other lecturers tried to tell jokes, they barely laughed...they SUPPRESSED their laughter O.O''' until we ambassadors (m i considered one oledy?) had to make sound and laughter and silly answers to cheer up the atmosphere XD we were actually using most of our energy to make the atmosphere friendlier so that they could actually respond and laugh 'shamelessly' during the workshop time, until they had finally open their mouths and got excited, we were already exhausted =_='' the workshop only ended at around 4 sth pm. when we got home it was 5pm. n thn we went out together again at around 7pm. The Junk!!! yay :D all of us (me, Jim, Brennan, Yen, Dex, Amber, Jeff and Fiona) were having so much fun during the meal :D

6. the Eye of God or some called it 'Halo' happened again today!! at around 11.30 sth am!!!
yay~ took it using my 5300.. only 1.2 megapix though... i was inside one of my lecturer's car together with Brennan n Yen when our lecturer noticed a group of ppl staring up to the sky.....n we kepoh kepoh also looked up....

the Rainbow is circling around the sun agian!!!!!! n this year it's BIGGER!!! O.O'''
this was last year's.. in September.... wait.. i think it's almost the same size.. .hm... doesnt mater XD most of my LUCT friends first time seeing this phenomenon, for me, my 2nd time! :D some say it's a bad omen. some say we are going to die. some just 'ooooo' n 'wooooooooooow'........

ok ok! i think i blogged about everything that i wana blog ^.^'''' so.. SLEEP TIME!!!!!! lalalalalala

oh wait.. forgot to blog about one more thing... but after 2nd thought, i think i'll just keep that thing to myself. as mum says, dont reveal to much. buahahahahahahahaha~!

jaa~ ne~~~ mauahahahaha

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