HUAK!!!! after helping Hannah@hana-hime to edit her blog's header. i decided, tat this is the time to change my header also.

I'D BEEN PLANNING TO CHANGE IT SINCE... since... i think was in the middle of April... when we started to have lots n lots of finals to do.

and now FINALLY I'VE CHANGED IT!!! :D duno why but i just feel so happy...n refreshing!! :D ya ya! refreshing!! i was kinda annoyed when i saw my face inside my blog's header everytime=_=''' maybe i'm not good looking enough... buahahahaha XD wonder why i used tat header last time though.....

anyways, i like my current header! bright and cheerful :D yay!

and FINALLY also, that i have free time to CG! O.o''' it's been 2 months since i last used Photoshop to CG my art!

KA girl by ~eiChi17 on deviantART

the original line art i did last Sunday.

KA girl coloured by ~eiChi17 on deviantART
the coloured version.... wakakakaka. i cheated alot in this one XD bcoz eiChi is also famous for lack of patience :p

yeayea whatever. the final artwork is great for me anyways XD


Hana said...

Omg, SO HOT! till I saw the colored version and I faint from her beauty. Yay! More pretty pics drawn by you =) Thanks a lot for your help on my banner. Lolx, yellow IS refreshing. Such vibrant color. made me sit up straighter after entering your blog lolz.

eiChi said...

lol! thnx hana! yea. i read from a graphic magazine that yellow is getting more n more popular now so i dcided to follow the trend as well. buahahahahahaXD