oh my god.. it has been a very tiring day. i think my schedules will be full for the following few days.. darn.. but at least it's better thn staying at home and do nothing :)

my mum finally got the chance to go overseas - Australia! yay! together with my sister :p i'm not going with them becoz first, it's expensive. around RM 3000+ per person. wtf. second, i've never really wanted to go there, honestly =_=''' so this time is another big challenge for my mum, to travel to Singapore (for transit) herself.

she was so nervous about going there herself and kept wishing that i was going with her too!!! she kept fidgeting around when we arrived at the airport this morning. poor mum..this was her first XD me and my dad tried our very best to assure her that everything is gona be fine as long as she stay calm and brave enough to ask strangers for info, if she gets lost in the terminal..that is, which is very unlikely to happen =_=''' and so i think she's with my sis now, at the Singapore airport waiting for the call of the next flight, to Melbourne, Australia~~~ where my 2nd aunt lives :p she married to an ang moh n gosh, her daughter @ my younger cousin, is soooooo pretty i tell you, n she looooves my left hand so much XD she used to play with my left hand everytime she visited Kuching last time.

since my mum will be enjoying her two weeks there, that means i need to take care of all the laundry at home. wahlau! good for training also lah XD next year i'm going to Cyber so better learn now or else i'll face problems then.


well well...the LUCT cyberjaya campus's ambassadors are.. erm... ERM... cant find a word to describe them. my vocab is SDN. BHD. anyways we are going to have a fashion show on the orientation night for the July intake. the night itself is gona be like a very big party, with the title - Black is Back n the theme for the night is Goth. so those who are in the fashion club, it doesnt matter if you're not in the fashion design faculty, can design the garments for the show, and send the designs for local tailors to do. well i know it was inappropriate since usu fashion designers design ans SEW their own garments. but heck! we are students from Graphic Design and Interior and Architecture design who happen to love fashion and decided to play with it. it's just for a show :) n have fun. yay!

but thn problems seeped in when we got a call from the Cyberjaya's ambassadors. the leader isnt very happy with our actions. i mean, she herself is one of the top designers there, n she told me (ya, i was on the phone with her) that shouldnt we must SEW them ourselves, bcoz we are going to show the ppl that those are our clothes, that LUCT can design n sew clothes, not design n ask ppl to do for you. =_='''' she doesnt get it. i tried to tell her, as polite as possible, that we are not from fashion faculty, but from others who are also interested in fashion design, just that we dont know how to sew, and now we are doin it for the party, not for a real show that is shown to the public.

and erm.. she's still not very happy with tat. she's thinking its better to take the garments from CYberjaya that the students there did and use them for our fashion show. O.O'''' this is like stealing our spotlights. gah~~~~~ n she's going to discuss with Nikki and Johan about the matter and we all hope that both of them will stand on our side =_=''''


n gosh...the old Tunku Putra building looks terribly like a hospital on the inside. outside? yeah, it's cool..big... but inside? it's a good place to film ghost movies. me, amber, jeffrey and ben were there just now, checking out the place for the orientation night, and were quite shock to see the interior of the building. the corridors are loooooong..... plus all the lights were off, n it is really really spooky. the torn down look of the walls make the place even spookier @.@!!!! luckily they are going to paint it white soon. and THEY SHOULD CHANGE THE LIGHTS AS WELL!!! O.O'''' the lights there have already turned yellowish so basically the building becomes a hospital when the lights are on. yes, it reminds me of Normah hospital......

they should quickly renovate the whole building... i dont wana study in a spooky hospital.....


annabel said...

omgosh.. tunka putra sounds scary... O.o

eiChi said...

yea.. it does... O.O''''