ok. i'm bored.

damn bored. i want jelly beans, apple pie, Howalon, chocolate bar, mesos, inspirations, my smelly pillow (ya, i admit. i own one), magazines, shopping, kill those damn zombie mashrooms, level up, i duno......

i'm lazy to wait for the anime to download. too lazy to wait for the anime to be streamed, too lazy to watch any new anime. no updates in Gakuen Alice fan fiction page.


i'd been doing my work this whole day. n now after finished them i feel like an empty shell. blank.

my sister n mum are happily wandering around meadows and see the cow moo-ing right now. they told me they had bought me alot of branded stuff at half priced. cool... just dont buy me anything too cute. i want sth devilish + cute + weird (is there such a combination??) like Rayman Raving Rabbids.


ok. he's cute doesnt he? XD

alright. my mind is completely blank now. guess i should go do some business... KILLING!!!! XD

p/s : i can only kill is Maple.. dont worry


Parasite Farris said...


I feel with ye my fellow rabbid friend! *so bored* Ragnarok Online is taking ages to DL and I'm still stealing the internets from neighbourman!!

eiChi said...

farris~~~ where r u now?? ah.. i wish ur devilish smiles... muahahaha XD