...... lonely desu.... WAAAAAAA~~~~~ T_T

really... i feel kinda alone (even though i'm not) because most of my GRSS buddies have left to KL to further their studies.... all of them got the JPA scholarship. congrats to them :D oh great.. i miss them so badly right now. it feels like they are all so far away from me.

we had our last 5I gathering last Tuesday night. n man..it was awesome, although it's just a normal get together at a restaurant. our actual plan was to have it held inside Memories, but we didnt know tat the restaurant isnt opening on Tue night, so we tried Wishing Well (the new one) and turned out that we conquered the whole back lounge of the restaurant. :D

let's recall who turn up that night. Me, Ruth, WanHui, Milton, Catherine, YingYing, Fanny, Allan, YunYew, Marvin, Siang Ling, BoonLee, Sze Min, Ai Ting, and Diana. the none 5I members were Eileen (Marvin's gf), Daphne and LeeFang (Catherine invited them :D) ah ah.... too bad most of the 5Is either couldnt come or are already disappear from Kuching. lol! i think the party will be even fun with HouKee or Jason around XD

here are some pictures taken that night. i got them from WanHui's friendster profile. my cam is with Mum at Australia.. so.. need to ask from them XD wanhui only uploaded 3 though. these are 2 of them.

L to R : me, boon lee (she had red eye that time... tat's y she wore sunglasses..), Siang Ling, Milton and Ruth (she got her hair cut short!!! O.o''')

L to R: Aylwin, Marvin (he also got red eye tat day. both boon lee n him got the problem after their trip with sum other classmates to Sematan beach... i was supposed to be there too.. but my parents not allowed..T_T) , Allan, Boon lee, and Eileen.

sigh... now my msn looks so lonely. usually got Boonlee or Ruth or others to kacau... now no more.. even Hilary is not online anymore~~~ waaaaaaaaahhhh T_T no crazy buddy to chat with anymore!!!! Hilary! u must get an internet connection when u get there!!! hmmph! buahahaha! n since he's gone, no one to play Maple with me anymore.. so lonely in maple... usu we just train n kill together. sigh..... but nvm, now got Allan!!!! buahahahahaah!!!!! didnt know Allan play it also. XD he's 4 level higher thn me!

speaking of maple. i finally made it to level 30 and become a BANDIT!!!! officially! yesh~!!!!!! now Hil's an assassin, i'm a bandit, allan's a cleric. we could make a powerful team! buahahaha!!!

i'm a bandit~ i'm a bandit~ i'm a bandit~ i'm a bandit~ i'm a bandit~ i'm a bandit~ i'm a bandit~ i'm a bandit~ i'm a bandit~ i'm a bandit~ i'm a bandit~ i'm a bandit~ i'm a bandit~ *continues to chant and celebrate*


ok.. seems i'm a bit crazy now. erm... i just sincerely wish them all the best and forget me not... I MISS ALL MY BUDDIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O.O''''

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