Yan's birthday

wakakakaka~!! Happy Father's Day to y'all~! even though u're a not a father yet but one day you'll be! buahahahaha~~~

i didnt buy anything for my dad though. i just didnt have the transport to go buy stuff for him. but anyways, i greeted him 'happy father's day' and we all had dinner together at a restaurant just now. nice..... this is the night that my dad got the chance to eat, eat, eat, and EAT without any complaints from me and my mum! lol!

so yesterday was Natasha@Yan's birthday, and we had a very surprise party for her XD she actually cried!!! aaawwwww.. XD Eina (i think this is how her name spelled...) was the party planner. all of us (Eina, me, Brennan, Dex, Shafiq, Elysia, Brandon n another girl whom name i forgot.. they are all my seniors btw, except Brennan lah) gathered at the campus at around 11 am. after making sure of everything, we started with our plan. Shafiq, Brandon, Elysia, n the other girl went to take the birthday cake and Pizza, while me, Dex and Brennan went into one car and went to shop for presents. as for Eina, she drove to Yan's house.. gav an excuse to get her away from her house.

yan was still with Eina going around the Satok area when the rest arrived at her house (her mum n dad also cooperated with us.. nice) quickly we prepared the cake and light the candles,
Brandon is preparing the cake....
the cake~!!! Honey-senpai! come come! got cake! XD

thn miscall Eina as a signal to bring Yan back to her house. without knowing we were at her house (our cars were well hidden), this is her reaction when she opened her dinning room door...
yep..that.. is Yan
and she's so damn happy XD hurray for Yan~! this is her first birthday party!!!! :D

there was quite a commotion.. Yan went hugging everyone.. her parents went out to buy KFC... we sang birthday song to her, cut the cakes.. laugh luagh chat chat and EAT!!!!!
L to R : Yan, Bren, me, Brandon, Elysia, Shafiq, the girl, Dex..Eina is the one taking this photo... man... look at the food on the table!!!!! and the COKES!!!

speaking of cokes. we had a burping competition... eeewww.. but it was fun XD i didnt burp though..i dont even know how to make one!!!! O.O'''

here's a short video of them burping...

hohoho... i like the music i used for this video!! XD buahahaha it's from Ouran btw :p

ok..after the crazy meal, we sat around yan's living room.. man.. her house is big n cozy n beautiful~! i wonder what wil she n Brennan think when they come to my house tomolo... swt.... hope they wont mind XD anyway, all of us just chatted all the way until 3ppm lidat, and we went to 'BOMB' her room!!! buahahahaha!

her room is seriously infested by ants... ahahaha.. even on her laptop... gosh~ she needs to clean up her room sumtimes :p but! i must admit that her room looks just like a studio! O.O''' ah~~ i want tat kind of room!!!

the rest left early... and only Brennan, me n Dex stayed up until 6 pm XD we got so many things to see in her room.. esp her anime artwork!!! damn! they are so nice!!! O.O''' she even draw doujin!!! proper doujins!!!!! i can only draw one char on a page! =_+''''

okok.. i kinda lazy to continue blogging. blame the slow connection. took me almost an hour to wait for those photos to upload. its only 5 photos for goodness sake!! O.O'''

time to watch Claymore! :D another good anime with kick ass chicks! n the evil ones are really evil.. i can even feel goosebumps just hearing them speak..... the seiyuu (voice actor) is real good i tell you :D

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