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holy shit! i'd been sleeping for the whole afternoon instead of doing my work~!!! O.o'''' maybe this is called 'revenge'... coz i yesterday night i was working since 10 pm until 5 am this morning... so i guess it's ok.... my body just wana take back what it's lost, buahahhahahahahaha.

which means tonight is another sleepless night =_='''

and GREAT NEWS~!!! :D my mum is feeling SOOOO much better after staying in the hospital for 2 nights :D bravo for the Normah Doctors~!!! i'll give you guys flowers some day XD my mum is actually having her happy thoughts now of going to Australia with my sister this end of June ;p my sis were actually worried that after this incident, she might cancel the plan. but here she is, talking about the Aussie trip plan with my sis on the phone! :D i told you my mum is the best XD n thnx for all the concern :)

and bad news..... Tan Sri LimKokWing a.k.a orang utan is coming to visit the LimKokWing Kuching campus tomolo..... (btw, did you guys know that LUCT Kch is gona move to the previous Tunku Putra building? the one on the same road as SJK Chung Hua no.4. which means, it's near my house!! yay~!) back to Tan Sri.... now, first i wana brief u guys about the short history of LUCT Kch own 'choir group'. it was first formed just to welcome a group of Japanese students to our campus. we all sang a native song called 'Liling' (pronounced as Leiling) which was just practised in mere 2 days. imaging we had to memorise all those native words.. O.O''' ok, so the performance was great and the 'choir members' moved on with their separate ways after that......... one month after the Japanese students activity, all of us were called and gather again. the 2nd big boss of LUCT, Gale, was visiting the campus, and we were asked to 'reform' the choir and sing the exact same song, 'Liling'. n all of us were like.. =_=''' cant we sing other songs..???? ok... so tat time we only had 1 day to prepare. swt right??? n thn..... time flies.....

last week while i was alone at the PC lab happily reading fanfiction, Mr Azizan walked towards me n sed :"eiChi, i have one good news for you :D". and i was like :" ok....." (note, i'm using a suspicious tone) he continued :" our big boss is coming-" he wasnt able to finish the sentence bcoz i was already shouting :" oh no! dont tell me we are going to sing Liling AGAIN????" n he nods. n so i told my friends who are involved in the choir, and their expression were the same as mine. :) 'Liling AGAIN???"

so, tomolo Tan Sri's gona be here. need to get back to the campus again... Niki sed we the performers are going to shake hand and talk directly with him. all my friends joke tat they gona tell him to let them pass the semester... me? i;m going to tell him "give all those resource fees back bcoz u promised me full scholarship!" XD oh well, just kidding. all those lecturers who are happened to read my blog (esp Mr. Kiu), dont take it seriously XD

alright~!! i didnt blog about my final presentation the other day i wasnt in the mood to do so. so here's a brief one. my group went first to present, as we were the only group that was 'set, ready, n go'. n erm.. it turned out quite good... the lecturers likes it and they only asked us a few sticky questions, including the history of Batik. wth?? luckily i got read through the researches i printed the day b4 so i get to 'bla' through XD the sad part is, maybe marks will be deducted bcoz as the lecturers sed, seemed like me and Sarah were the only one read the research as we did most of the talking.. erm.. well.. at least it's so much better thn the other group as the lecturers bombed them with unexpected questions which made them speechless..... =_=''' oh ya, my group was also the only group that doenst need to redo anything! yay! some of my friends need to redo their costume..concept boards.. journal... i wish them all the best :)

here are some pictures taken on the presentation day.
Fion's group is presenting..
their costume. Sarah from my group is their model. sadly they had to redesign n redo the costume :(

Brennan's group is presenting their costume.. which is all black, n is unisex O.o''' they needed a model on the spot and they picked me..
which was a wrong choice... i looked weird.. i'm not good in modelling lah~! X.X

roza's group is presenting their male costume.. n the model?
our class's heartthrob~ Dennis XD

this is Melvyn's group! n i wonder how did they get to contact Miss Sarawak duno which year to be thier model. SWT!!!

and saddest thing about the presentation is, Ivan's group didnt turn up. i was like.. WTF???? O.o'''' even if they haven fin their product they can still come and present the concept!!! =_=''' sigh.. i was quite angry with them as they are my buddies..sigh....

anyway, this was taken after the presentation.

MY LOVELY GROUP MEMBERS~!!! yay~~~ :D n i swear i'm gona buy a new outfit for presentation!!! O.O'''

n all of them already balik kampung. gona see them again after 2 months!!! cant wait!! XD

okok. i gotta rush! later brennan gonna pick me up together with Jim n Natasha to go watch movie! finally.. so c ya people!!! XD

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miss sarawak look like that pun ka?why so ugly?