my mama is happy!!! :D

bahahahahahaha~!today is my mum's birthday!!!

1, 2, 3 !

Happy Birthday to you~~
Happy Birthday to you~~
Happy Birthday to my mother~~~
Haaaaaaaappyyyy Birthdaaaaaaaaaaay~~~ tooooooooooooo~~~~ yooooouuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!

wheeeeeee~~~~ *jumping around like a rabbit*

okok. they are not jumping. but playing:p

Dwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! :D

anyways. i think the biggest present she got for herself is the experiences she had when traveling around Melbourne, Australia :D

really. after she got down from the airport this afternoon, she couldn't stop telling stories like how cold is the weather there, how she needed to wear at least 4 coats, how big is the wind there, where she went and how they got there. where she found food that suits her body. how pretty is the place/s etc etc etc. she talked non-stop starting from the time she got inside the car until we reached home. and i couldn't help but smile XD

finally she got the chance to travel aboard and enjoy herself and gain experiences, after all these 50++ years. i thank God for that, because me and my sister always wanted our mum to travel overseas. my mum always envy my aunties who go traveling almost once a year. and finally this is her time :D my dad is planning to bring her to China next year! good :D

my mum really REALLY enjoy herself there :D after she unpacked her stuff, she threw me 3 CDs with photos inside. so i started to copy them into my PC..and gosh..... she and my sis really took ALOT of photos =_=''' i still haven't gone through all of them. and my sister also bought me quite alot of stuff. mostly ROXY (come to think of it, my sis loves to buy ROXY stuff for me O.o''' i think i have enough ROXY stuff already sis =_= next time buy me sth else for a change XD)

here are a list of thing they had bought for me:
1. 1 black stylish jacket (like the ang moh type. cool!)
2. 1 black ROXY t-shirt
3. 1 black normal t-shirt (all black!! i ask my mum why and she sed i complaint before that i dont have any black shirt for any LUCT activities or presentation...oh..)
4. 1 sporty ROXY handbag (yeah!)
5. 1 RipGurl wallet (this is the only thing i told my sis to buy for me b4 she left for Aussie. as my old one worn out oledy)
6. 1 lollipop and some chocs (yummy)
7. A WESTERN STYLE TEA CUP!!!! yesh! finally i have a tea cup for my lovable tea!!!! XD i've always wanted to have one after i'd watched Ouran High School Host Club!!! n now i have one myself to enjoy my tea!! hohohoho!!!
8. 1 cool pink color steel ruler (the design is so modern that i thought it was sth else at first)
9. 1 bright pink round eraser which i thought was a small doughnut at first.
10. you probably wouldn't believe this. or even laugh at it. 1 super expensive lip-gloss which is named after one of my nickname : Chi-Chi . (my aunty from England likes to call me that)

now this is the thing that i really wana blog about. my mum told me that my sis spotted it at a shopping mall and decided to buy it right away, without looking at the price clearly. until the ppl at the cashier told her tat it costs about 60 Ringgit Malaysia. *gulp*

well at first i'm quite amused with the product. the name on the packaging itself is Chi-Chi Pop Gloss. but when i looked more clearly, i burst out laughing like hell.

see the words? what? not clear?? one more

Oh MY GOSH~~!!!!!!!!!! 'CHI-CHI-LICIOUS'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! since when i've become like Fergie???

i was laughing so much that my mum asked me what happened, and i just didnt know how to explain to her!!!!

chi-chi-licious...... i think i can write a song for it and sing it. LOL!!!

*btw. the lip gloss taste like Strawberry. it has a really strong Strawberry scent on it and i wonder whether Natsume wana taste it XD he likes Strawberry! (n the Natsume i mentioned here isnt my bear, but the handsome dude from Gakuen Alice)*

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