Eagle which has broken its wings

funny. exactly how many idiotic jerks are out there in this world? they think they know everything and what they did is a very heroic act without even thinking about the possible consequences of their actions. ok. maybe they did, just not deep enough..and somehow naive. now things have happened and they are happy that they've finally ruined one person's life. and everyone is worry about the person.

oh god....

idiotic jerks are everywhere. we think of them as idiotic jerks and they think of us as one too. gah.. nvm. Karma will do the rest.

but still lets remain friends forever :D


OH MY GOD!! tomorrow me and Natasha have to attend a press conference for the Rainforest Music Festival thingy!!!! O.O''' i was still asleep this morning (it was 9.30am) when Natasha called me that Nikki needed us to be at the campus by 10 to brief us on the event tomorrow. gah~~~

she briefed us on the concept of our main objective in participating this event (the t-shirt design) .. how we should explained things tomorrow.... and i'm still blur right now. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO SAY TOMORROW???

aaah~~ there will be reporters from around the globe (i think, since this is an international event) ask us questions and how am i supposed to answer them?? what if i stutter all the way and just end up embarrassing myself?? eeeeek!! i don't want that to happen! O.O''' and i really really pray that there wouldnt be any NTV7 or RTM 3 around. i dont wan my face to be broad casted all over Malaysia T_T

kyaaaaaaa~~~ i'm so clueless and nervous about the press conference tomorrow. just wish me all the best @.@

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