gaining experience

i'm on the news yesterday~!!! TV1~ at around 5 pm!!!!

but i missed it. =_= i was inside Brennan's car when Natasha called me to inform me. she too, had missed it. it was her friend that saw our face on the TV screen.

gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~~~ sorry lah Hilary, cant record it liaw. *sobs*

but nvm, my face appeared in almost every newspaper yesterday~! bahahahaha~!!! Sinchew, Shihwa, Guoji, Utusan Borneo, Eastern Times n one more Malay newspaper which my dad didnt buy. haha! yea, my dad bought all the newspapers he could find yesterday so now i have all :D

here is one of them :p

gah! i look weird. i'll never look good in photographs :3 but nvm. i accepted the fact long time ago XD

btw, you see the orang utan?? see the butt?? bwahahahahaha! it's cute right?? it's only come in lady's size and children size...so... I CAN WEAR IT! :D nyaaaa~~~

tomolo is the first day of Rainforest Music Festival. i will be there for 3 days, helping out at the LimKokWing booth :p we are going to do body art and t-shirts (typography) for people. n nop, not for free. we charge you with reasonable price :D i'm placed at the t-shirt section, coz honestly i'm not quite good at body art :p i'm not going to stay overnight for 3 days straight though. we will be going there at around 8.30 am and come back before 11.30 pm everyday :p I GET TO WATCH THE CONCERT!!!!!!!! XD lalalalalala~~~~ oh btw, we student helpers are getting paid for RM 5 per hour.. imagine that.. i work non-stop for 3 days straight... maybe we'll work for 7 hours everyday... 3 days will be 21 hours.. times 5.. RM 105!!!! $.$ syoknya~~~ i'm gona bring lots of water to keep me healthy and strong so i wont pass out bcoz of the heat and miss the money!!!

mahahahahaha~!!! so expect to see one long photo post next week XD i'm taking my camera with me. hohohoho!

Rainforest!! Here i come!!!

:D :D :D


Brennan and Natasha hang out at my house again today for the whole day (yup, they stayed for lunch) and we chatted about almost anything. thn we began to play maple.

oooh~ how i miss the game as i didnt play it since Hil went to Kl. so Brennan played it first. his character is Zeraato, and is level 88!!!!!!!! a warrior!!! O.O''' wahlao~!!! and his skills are like.. oh my god.. esp for a noob like me. well ok, maybe i'm not a noob anymore. i;m level 31 Bandit!! mahahahahaha

n here i'd like to share some maple moments with you guys :p (i finally know how to take pictures inside maple :p)

Zeraato @ nii-san is blur.. and the place is somewhere at Rudy (izit the correct spellin??)

at the zoo under the sea~!!!!! :D tat's a high level monster btw. and u wont get hurt by it bcoz it's a pet in the zoo!!!! bahahaha!!!!

yay!! my character!!! killing duno what what creature which walks around with a mask!!!!!

ok ok.. tat's all.. duno what more to blog :p hehe! just wait till i return from the festival >:)

oh oh! one more thing.



annabel said...

ei chi!! omgosh!! i love the designs you and yen did!! its so nice! congrats!! ^^

and by the way... bout the harry potter film... you should go watch it! yay! i've watch it already.. XP

neways, take care!! =)

Timothy said...

How many times have you been in the papers? @_@