wow. hectic week.

we all had been working non stop, doing temporary tattoos for the visitors of Rainforest Music Festival. customers come after one after another. by the time i finished one i had to do another one. all of us are gona have a bad 'body' day after this festival.

i only stayed back on the first night to catch the concert. ooooooooo~

my orang utan t-shirt is selling really well. i didnt have the time to check on it at the stall today. well, i hope all of it sold out.

the C******* people are useless except for one. why are they here for anyway? just drink beer all the time or just disappear from sight OR mind other ppl's business n talking so snobbishly. stfu la. but anyway i don't really care. la dee da~~~

i kept on imagining that Rabbids are running around the Cultural Village holding the plunger and goes :" Dwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" that would be fun.

oh, and i drank heineken. 4 sips in 3 days. i duno where's my limit yet.

an ang moh guy like my rabbit tattoo on my left arm. n requested for one.

don't really have the time to blog a long post now. as i got a sudden call from my sis yesterday telling me that i'm needed at the YoungBlood office for about 2 weeks to rush the Genting Highland work. the flight is tomolo (monday) night. i have to pack.

at the same time the job from the company i work with is still half-way done as i was bz at the festival.

oh god. i love my life right now.

La Dee Da~~~

*i promise if i'm free at KL i'll post a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG one about the Rainforest Music Festival. this is just not the right time. btw, tat's not my dog. i havnt had any fancy accessories for him to wear yet*


Timothy said...

heineken? Try Victoria Bitter. It keeps me alive with all the shocks I'm facing.

eiChi said...

victoria bitter... it's gona be real bitter right? ~.~