cant really blog when i'm not using my own PC.

next year when i come to KL i'm SO gona bring my precious here!!! O.O'''

now i'm having a bloggers-block. lazy to blog anything long..even the rainforest music festival thing!! shit!

so life at KL these few days are really hectic. work on the Genting project (i just do the graphics) and also the Sam Fah's Company Profile. really busy. didnt sleep much also XD esp on Wednesday. from morning we did work until the evening, thn we all had to go back to office at 11pm to finish up n compile the things. my sis n her workers did the Genting one, while i quickly finish up the company profiles as they want them today. me n my sis n her bf only went back to the condo for some nap at 6 am Thursday morning.

hahahaha~ i really need to be prepared for a life like this in the future.

aaaaaah~~~ eiChi is really lazy to blog now. if i'm at home i can sit infront of my PC the whole day and blog about anything. but now, i'm using the office com, which means at anytime they'll need the PC to do the AutoCad thing.

mahahahahaah~! Tranformers is totally awesome.

I'm Optimus Prime, Dwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~~~!!!!


ShengHan said...

Hey! I really admire your work! XD cool blog too. =P

eiChi said...

thank you!! i like your portfolio too! :D thnx for droppin by :D