important Announcement about the Akiyame Forum!!!!

for those who have been wondering about what has happened to the Akiyame forum, i finally got the answer for you guys.

plz click on the image to read.

*waiting for you guys to finish reading*

get the message?

seems like my akiyame forum can never be retrieved again. so, i need to create another one, which means i need time to put up the topics and threads, and also the layout etc.

to my loyal forum supporters, esp hana-hime, ah kiam, chouji n etc, i thank you for your concern on the forum. really. if hana-hime didnt drop that message in my chatbox, i wouldnt have known and go to check.

so people!!! the Akiyame Forum will be up and active again in a week's time!!!!

now i just have to concentrate on my work at KL first.... T_T

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