yay! update!

oh great. couldn't they give proper instructions to me? i'd asked them and made sure about it before i started to work on it, which took hours and hours until midnight, and now when i handed in the files they told me "it isn't like that".

what the? O.o'''

anyway, i was about to post a happy post when the above thing happened, which momentarily ruined the mood to do so. but being a good blogger (haha! as if) i'll still continue posting the things that i've planned to blog about since i went to KL.

hahahhahahahhaah!!! i'm back from KL~! so rush.. i mean, i bought the air ticket at last minute and the next morning i'm on board again. i need to get used to this kind of immediate 'flying' decision. i might need a broomstick, to save cost.

i went there to help my sis with certain graphics things. this time is doing the sign boards that will be placed at Genting Highland (inside the building, First World Plaza). so next time, after the building has finished renovated, you might see most of my cute sign boards placing here and there :p me and my cousin (Ah Ching) worked hard on this project :)

oklah, even though i told you guys that i went there for work, there were times that my sister would just drop me at The Curve or One Utama to let me shop on my own. she gave me allowances, which i took it as my birthday present from her. MY BIRTHDAY IS THE COMING SUNDAY!!!! ok! back to topic. i didnt buy much though. all the things i bought were the ones that are on sale, 60% -70% sale. :p i bought a cute cartoon printed t-shirt, a short leisure pants, some Japanese food/drinks (i collect them. now i have 2 packets of Pocky, one cute Coke can, 2 Meiji black chocolates, and one bottle of duno what drink, which tastes so nice), some cute stuff for my friends, and most of all, my precious Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows~ weeeee~~~ i'll touch about this later :p

i didn;t took much photos also. it's not like it's my first time there and snap everything i can. somtimes i just prefer to walk and observe my surroundings rather then searching for a good spot for good photos. well, i pay attention to the graphics the shop uses. and most of the time i just stayed inside Borders or MPH for hours waiting for my sis to pick me up. really, that Damansara area, for me, it's like another Kuching for me. next time when you go there i can be your tour guide and take you around Ikea, Ikano, The Curve, and One Utama. but not KLCC or anywhere in the big city :p

oh yea! and i had my hair cut there! :D yay~! now my hairstyle looks better then the previous one and it's boyish! mahahaha~! i told the barber there that i want something short and boyish, that suits my face (my big nose is the problem, but i know one they it will bring me fortune, wakakaka) . so the baber there took some seconds to stare at my face (with my glasses on), thn told me to take off the glasses and start cutting away. and i LOVE the result!!! :D it's something like Hikaru from Ouran. yay~! and i learned some tips on how to spike up my hair properly too! nah~ it's not the spiky spiky like ah beng one, but the messy spike.. or sth lidat. La dee da~~~ XD

ok. now about the movie. Transformers. is awesome. really really amazing and after the movie i kept imagined that the car my future brother-in-law used would suddenly transformed itself into either Optimus Prime or Bumblebee! XD haha! should i write some spoilers here? better not, in case some of my readers havent seen the movie yet. but really, i must admit, it's better then Harry Potter in a way. so GO AND WATCH! if you watched already, watch again! lalalala~~

then there's Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. i watched it alone at TGB cinema. the lady at the counter gave me the best seat ever. it just feels so nice to watch your favourite movie at the right angle. i'm sitting with my eye level same with the middle point of the big screen. i didnt even need to crank my neck for a better view of the screen! :D and uhm, even though ppl kept tellin tat this movie is boring, and the actions only come last at the end of the movie. but i found it very good! compared to the previous one. first, the storyline is not messed up. the evil Prof. Umbridge is well acted. omg~ i could feel my loathe for her while watching the movie. everything is not too rush like what happened in the previous Hp movie. the scene of Fred and George Weasley making a havoc in Hogwarts infront of Umbridge is amazing (i almost cried of happiness at this scene, bcoz, finally~ Umbridge got what she deserves XD n please don't sue me bcoz of my affection towards Harry Potter series) and when Sirius... *sigh* anyway, for me the 5th movie is gooood. and Daniel Radcliffe is so HANDSOME inside :D nyaaa~~~ my love. supposedly i'm the one to act as Cho in this movie :3 but then i'll get hated in the end. well... i better go for Ginny then XD mahahaha

and the book!!! i got my hands on it on the first day it released~! muahahahaahaha~! and i'd finished reading it. no no~ i wont spill out any spoilers! go read it yourself because JK Rowling has really done a good job on this one. everything is well explained and now the book actually focused on the main things. the characters are well developed and really truly unexpected things keep on happening until i really felt shock and pain while reading them. oh yeah.. i cry again. T_T why does he have to die???????

oh well Harry Potter survives in the end :) this is the only spoiler i give you. despite all the rumours tat Harry Potter is gona die, JK Rowling makes him live. and even have kids (years later la) . ok! spoilers end here! hyu hyu~~ i'm gona read the book again!!! XD it's just too amazing!!!! kyaaaaa~~~

i love Harry Potter. he is (or JK Rowling) the saviour of my life. without HP, i wouldnt be typing this (meaning my English would still be stuck at the primary 3 standard); i wouldnt have liked books and study hard for my education; i wouldnt have appreciated the existence of dictionary (when i read HP the first time, i searched for meaning of almost every word inside the book); i wouldn't have the habit to save money in a piggy bank ( i used to spend money like hell. but i stopped and started to save those money just for the sake of buying the book using my own $!). Harry Potter really changed the way i view things in life. you wouldn't believe this but i had actually talked about my daily life to a Harry Potter poster as if it's alive o.O''' of coz i did this in my room, alone =_= i mean, the poster is like my dairy, and i spilled out everything to it. my sadness my happiness my frustrations..everything. and during the process i figured out some important things myself. tat's how i learn about life last time, and the Harry in the poster would keep me company and never talk back XD

ahahahaha.. i was really a total HP addict last time =_=

oh well. guess i really have post a long post this time :p and i better stop and go to my forum instead, for some updates :D alright! c ya people~!

and i want the Elder Wand *winks* XD

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