Happy Birthday to me~!!!

i am officially 18!!!!! whheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~ :D and how did i spend my birthday eve?? walking around the town in a tight cat suit!!!! well, i'll come back to it later :p

Hilary was the FIRST one to sms me, straight on time when the clock showed 12 a.m this morning :p i think he already got the message typed out before that and just pressed 'send' when it's midnight. thanks alot~!!!! Hil-sama~! :D when you come back for holidays we go 'pentok' together-gether :p and then the next to sms me was Ruth~!!!! my best friend!!! :D i miss her lah. then closely followed by Jim, whose sms just came right after Ruth. Wanhui sms me next! :D as for the rest of my Limkokwing friends, they greeted me at the campus when i got back this morning (as in 12.30 am) while Brennan, Yen and Dorothy already did it inside the car (we are always together one :P) touching touching ^.^

and guess what? it's Azie's birthday also!!! :D :D :D both of us were inside the toilet to wash off the black paint off our face when we both knew we share the same birthday :p and hugged each other :p we are really officially 18 years old. mahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaha. Pauline Tay from Lodge School last time also got the same birthday! then one from GRSS last time, Chu Ying, also turns 18 today! :D wheeeeeeee~~ lots of girls are turning 18 today! even the blogger Ratchly ! :D

i havent received any presents yet :p wait.. my sis got 'chia' me for a 4 hours karaoke night at Neway when i went to KL last week, and that's my first present. tonight Brennan, Yen and Dot are bringing me out for dinner at Merdeka Palace.. wow.. O.o'' honestly i was quite shock when i heard they want to bring me there..bcoz, from what i know, Merdeka Palace is a very expensive place to have dinner and yeah.. i never have dinner in there before. tonight will be my first!! :D

i'm also planning to buy myself a present. (i did this every year.. but i forgot what i bought for myself last year.. ) i was thinking of buying a new pendrive. 2 Gb maybe, since my old one 'tiok' virus and went mysteriously missing for 2 weeks. now i got it back, got the virus removed, maybe i'll buy other things instead XD hmm.. and i just thought of red wine.. since i'm finally legal. maahahahahahaha- *cough cough*

ok ok! enough of the birthday stuff :p now i'll blog about the Kuching Fest.

warning: i have not received any photos yet, so below will be a long post without any photos. just words ;p

this year Limkokwing had to send out 40 students to participate in the Kuching Fest parade. this year's parade is going to be in the Malaysia's Book of Record as the longest parade and involved nearly thousands and thousands of performers. as most LICT students are having a holiday now, it's very difficult to persuade them back to put on a cat suit and dance. they thought it was quite embarrassing. i was always at the campus even during holidays so the lecturers just put my name in, which i didnt really mind at all coz, it's once in a life time to be in a cat suit and do cat dance. i'm already a clown sometimes in the class :p anyway, i wont go into details on how we managed to find 40 ppl in the end. u just need to know that Cyberjaya campus sent about 15 student ambassadors here (including the dance choreographer and the cat suit designer) and all of the Kuching students were having fun in the end even though they thought it was embarrassing.

unlike Swinburne or any other campus, which practiced their dance months ago, ours only started 3 days before the actual parade. so during those 4 days we really had intensive training... started practicing at around 9.30 am. had lunch break in the middle, thn started to practiced again until the evening. on the 1st day of the practice, we all had to gather at Padang Merdeka for some rehearsal... which was quite boring la... and torturing too. i was starving since 5 pm until 8 pm. they didnt provide any food. we got so tired and hungry so Nikki send us back first, even though the rehearsal was until midnight. and on the day before the actual thing, we got a full rehearsal again and this time we had to walk from SJK Chung Hua 3 to Padang Merdeka. in the middle we had to stop at Hilton to perform our 'cat' dance.

so, last night. the actual night. we all wore tight cat suit, and had our face painted black with white nose and whiskers, plus a golden mouth :p this is for the normal cats. the main cats @ main dancers had more colourful and vibrant face paint and their cat costumes were way more stylish and funkier. anyway, we attracted quite alot of attractions. photographers from everywhere came and took our pictures. and we started walking at around 6.15 pm.

i didnt put on my glasses during the whole event. so.. yeah.. everything i saw was all blurred @.@ which was a good thing as it helps in building self-confidence especially when u r in the cat suit and have to 'miao' at people. erm.. yeah.. mahahahahahaha! tat's why the whole night i was 'miao-ing' non-stop, waving also, saying 'hello' in a very high note, and danced like a cat in front of the crowd. i didnt care if people know me by my left hand. i mean... at least i'm confident bah XD people from Kuching all very muhibah one XD like to pull my 'tail' some more. there were this bunch of guys (Malay or bumiputera, duno lah) kept coming back and pulled my tail until i had to be an angry cat and 'MIAO~~' them away.. hehehehehe.... there were kids that cried when they saw us... ouch.... we didnt want to scare them T_T but some kids really brave! don't play play. they 'miao-ed' us back in an angry way oh! and some really like us until they laughed and play hide-and-seek with some of the 'cats' XD fun fun!

our dance performance were not bad also..but still i must admit..not as good as some others lah, which had practiced for months O.O''' and ours was like.. in 3 days??? so yeah, we all did our best in the final dance, and left the Padang then straight to KFC. just within half an hour the KFC at India Street there was suddenly filled with black stray cats, ordering food. it was really an amazing sight you know? reporters should be there XD and this was where the parade ended.. for the cats.

but me and Natasha had a more bizarre night after that. both of us were eating at KFC when Bren called and wanted us to get moving with them (bren n Dorothy) to the GH (general hospital) immediately. well, bcoz our bags were in Dot's car, and the choreographer from Cyber actually got a fit. (she has heart problem) and was already on the way to GH. both Dot and Bren were in charge of the medical stuff so they had to be there to make sure she's ok. so erm...... yea.. things were kinda difficult to explain so all you guys need to know is that both me and natasha spent the last 1 hour at the GH car park, making a nest inside Dot's car XD and walking around the car (just the car. not the whole car park) in the same cat suit and make up... imagine what would happened when on of the patients peek out of the window and see 2 big stray cats moving around...... oh dear.. reporters would come again XD

i guess i'm just too lazy to blog a longer version of my first Kuching Fest parade experience. this would be good enough to entertain you guys... haha... miao...... i'm 18!!!!! XD

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